View Full Version : Depression + Rain= bad day

07-22-09, 11:48 AM
Yesterday it was rainy all day here. I felt crappier than usual. My pdoc thinks I have some seasonal affective disorder traits. I know that i am always more unhappy in the rainy/cold/snowy weather.

Today its still drab,not raining though, and Im trying to keep my spirits high, but its tough. I just want to go to sleep. :(

07-24-09, 09:43 PM
I swear, all summer here in Michigan in metro Detroit, the weather has been more than half cloudy for MUCH of the entire summer. Today wasn't bad but I just don't remember a summer like this. I remember more days where the sky is just clear and the weather is great. I can't complain about having too hot of weather--I just don't do well with very warm weather, 90 degrees or above.

Don't know much about seasonal affective disorder or any scientific components to it. It seems like it could be cognitive but I'm not sure. I do appreciate nicer weather though and feel better when the weather is nice out. It's sort of like an uplift and bad weather is sort of a little bit of a downer.

07-26-09, 05:22 AM
I really suffer from this; even when it's rainy in summer for more than one day straight.
I actually felt myself getting "ill"from this last winter, it had been cloudy for several days and then turned to darker clouds and rain, plus getting darker earlier every day - this was awful!