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07-25-09, 10:24 PM
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->As usual, I'm spending my Saturday trying to get the place cleaned up. It doesn't help that two weeks ago, I decided to unpack a box of random stuff that had been sitting in the garage for a long time--by bringing it inside, dumping it out onto the living room floor, and then throwing the empty box away so I couldn't just dump everything back into it. I've spent the last two weeks with a big pile of crap in the middle of the living room floor--except now it's a slightly smaller pile of crap in the middle of the floor with small accessory piles spread out across the couch and ottoman, creating a bigger total area of mess. I tried to "sort."

So, in addition to that, there was the regular dishes/laundry/kids' rooms/crap all over dining table/general-all-over-mess to work at.

So what have I done today? Dishes, thankfully, and then I took it upon myself to Magic Eraser the heck out of every kitchen surface, door frame, and door in the house. And then decided that the kitchen floor would look better if it were Magic Erasered, too.

So now I have kitchen cabinets and door frames that look like they were freshly painted, linoleum that is too old to look "clean" but is the least dingy I've seen it since moving in...and a great big mess all over the house still. And of course I'm all winded from scrubbing the floor with a Magic Eraser so who knows if anything else will get done today.

And of course, the whole time, I can see exactly what it is I'm doing, and that it's not at all what I should be doing, but I can't stop myself. I guess at least I'm putting off what really needs to be done by still doing something useful? (Although I suppose Magic Erasering the floor doesn't really count as "useful" lol.)

07-25-09, 11:16 PM
I find it hilarious that this got moved to a "tips" forum, since nobody in their right mind should take this post as advice for cleaning. Nor am I looking for tips, since I know 'em all...just can't seem to stick with any of them...was just venting about myself...oh well.

07-25-09, 11:34 PM
this sub-forum should really just be named housekeeping and organization or something like that! Everything that's housekeeping goes here.

07-26-09, 12:44 AM
That'd make more sense, then. I had actually looked around at forums before posting in the general one to make sure I was posting in the right place, but didn't see anyplace fitting...and then it wound up in a "tips" one and that just made NO sense lol.

But my original point was mainly just that I see what needs to be done, and then wind up spending my time and energy doing something entirely different instead. Cleaning or otherwise--I'm a champion of that. And I see that I'm doing it at the time, and still just continue on anyway.

07-26-09, 01:30 AM
hi outnumbered,

i sympathize with your clutter control problem:) i avoid bringing anything into the house in order to minimize it, but things creep in of their own accord...

i do have a question, though: what is a magic eraser? i feel like i *must* have one (for the name, if nothing else)!


07-26-09, 01:32 AM
I find it hilarious that this got moved to a "tips" forum, since nobody in their right mind should take this post as advice for cleaning. Nor am I looking for tips, since I know 'em all...just can't seem to stick with any of them...was just venting about myself...oh well.LOL. Being diagnosed, I'm much more mindful that my dirty house is a result of my ADD so that now I clean much more often rather than let stuff sit and "grow".

07-26-09, 01:43 AM
i do have a question, though: what is a magic eraser? i feel like i *must* have one (for the name, if nothing else)!

It's awesome. Takes crayon right off a wall...scuff marks right off a door frame...etc.

07-26-09, 02:12 PM
I just finished putting all of our summer vacation pictures into a photo album. All of my photos from when my oldest was 2 yrs old to the present (he's turning 10 this winter) are in boxes and not even in order anymore...I had high hopes once of becoming a scrapbooker, lol, but that never happened. So this is a huge accomplishment. I filled a photo album with all the pictures of our trip to Vegas, our day trip to San Diego, and the 4th of July--all the pics I've taken so far this summer. I'm feeling so proud of myself I can't stand it, lol. Nobody else would understand!

Of course, my pile o'crap on the living room floor is still there, the laundry still needs to be done, and it'd be nice if I showered and got dressed today...nobody ever accused me of prioritizing well. ;)

07-26-09, 04:29 PM
oh I understand!
I took a nap; i went to the pool. dinner = sandwiches on paper plates. I have not done one thing and not even the few usual sunday housework things; and clothes, all over the bedroom (everything I thought I might wear and then decided finally, no...)

07-27-09, 10:44 PM
Outnumbered, I definetly know your feeling...When I finally get around to doing laundry, I get it in the washer, muster up energy to put in dryer and from there I take what I need each day LOL.

I started Adderall Last Thurs and I must say, my apt is cleaner then all H#CK...I cleaned up a server room at work, ENJOYABLY, and also cleaned up my cube work space, and started making notes on things to do at work, things done, and what not.

However the mg was only 10 twice a day, so by the second day my motivation was gone and now I am back to skipping every 5 words in a sentence and no motivation to clean no more :(....I am seeing Doc next Wed, upping my dose and it's back to cleaning fer me!!!

Forget to mention, when the Adderall was working, I remember thinking damn, this woulda been much easier to do a little at a time, wonder why I waited so long....So needless to say I must maintain my clean room/living room/kitchen until my meds are upped. It's a different feeling when your mind isn't in 10 places at once, it makes cleaning really not so bad.

07-28-09, 01:18 PM
Thanks for your post OUTNUMBERED. It sounds just like my house. I think what bothers me most is the clutter. I just can't ever seem to get a handle on it. I always end up with piles of mail in atleast 4 or 5 different places. It drives me nuts!! I try to beleive that once my kids (7, 4, 2) get older, then I'll be in more control. It's impossible for me to have a clean or even uncluttered house right now. And I so sympathize with the doing everything except what really needs to be done. Is it avoidance of certain tasks or just plain constant distractions that keep me from accomplishing anything? I don't really know.

07-30-09, 10:47 PM
Wow, I can totally identify with all of you!

07-30-09, 11:24 PM
I managed to get the living room, dining room, and kitchen (the areas of the place visible from the front door) all clean in time for a brief visit from a stranger I'll never see again, lol...I will clean for traveling nurses but not for myself/my kids, rofl. I'm wondering how long I'll be able to maintain it this time. For some reason, doing all those "little things" that would keep it looking ok feel almost painful to do. Like hanging pants up in the closet. It's torture. I'm starting to wonder what kind of living room furniture I could get to use as a dresser that wouldn't LOOK like a dresser, just so I can stop having to hang all my clothes up because it practically hurts to do it.

08-03-09, 01:20 AM
It's interesting how you describe tasks as painful. I almost always have laundry baskets full of folded clothes that just don't get put away. When I look at them it bothers me that they are there and that again I have left something undone, but to actually make the attempt to put them away at that moment feels like a mountain that I just can't climb. When I walk through the house and see something from the kids on the floor such as a part of a toy or even a scrap of paper, I notice it and walk past, all the while thinking "I should have picked that up, why didn't I". It's almost like I can only focus on one task at a time and stopping to pick something up would just "put me over the edge". And most of the time I'm just clinging to the edge by my fingertips!

08-29-09, 05:31 PM
Like hanging pants up in the closet. It's torture. I'm starting to wonder what kind of living room furniture I could get to use as a dresser that wouldn't LOOK like a dresser, just so I can stop having to hang all my clothes up because it practically hurts to do it.

I hate hanging stuff up! It's just going to wind up being taken down, worn, and tossed in a basket anyway. I feel the same way about putting things in drawers.

I'm lucky in that I get to wear jeans and t-shirts most of the time, so I was able to solve this problem by getting a set of Elfa drawers. They're mesh, so I can see what's inside, and I don't bother to fold anything, I just toss my clothes in.

Since our house is a converted storefront, the bedroom is a loft, the bathroom is on the first floor, and the washer and dryer are in the kitchen. This means that I'm almost always getting dressed downstairs, and it's annoying to have to go upstairs for my clean clothes.

I realized that this was keeping me from putting my clothes away, so I dedicated to have a dedicated basket of clean clothing that lives by the dryer. When it gets too full, I put the clothes away, but by that point there's another load ready to go through the cycle. If company comes, I stow the clean laundry basket in the bedroom.

It's something that might not work in a larger family, but it's a thought.

08-29-09, 06:03 PM
Don't feel bad, it's always that way with me. This is only one reason I think I enjoy living alone and dating instead of being married. I loved being married and was very fortunate to have a husband who completely understood me and adored me for every single part of who I was. But even so, that guilt always lingered thinking "I should be a better wife and mother by having the house cleaned and laundry done and dinner served etc., being the one to remember to tell the kids to take their medicine instead of him having to do it; instead I would spend hours burying myself in my office making attempts at trying to get focused on completing just one project for the day, or worse yet when I was home alone while kids were at school and husband was at work on my day off, I would start the day with good intentions of cleaning my house and instead by 2 p.m. with my microphone in hand at my karoeke machine in my own little blissful singing world would realize OMG, I only have an hour to start cleaning and getting this house done before everyone gets home...never happened, usually 15 minutes before they walked in the door I would put my microphone down and try to put all the other evidence away that I had just been screwing off all day doing meaningless unproductive stuff, instead of having their dinner ready, or the house cleaned.

My kids live with their real father now because in part (as much as I hate to admit this and as hurtful as it is), he and his girlfriend are much better at providing a stable enviroment with a clean home, hot meals, and finished laundry everyday.

I love it, but I would have to say my ADD is the one thing that has helped take the edge off of me feeling completely happy all of the time due to the fact that it is always accomadated by guilt because of how "haphazzard, irresponsible and unstructured I am".

Anyways, it's o.k., forgive yourself, just because you're not capable of being on top of things, (in any event it's even worse because if you haven't noticed for us ADDers, like yourself it truly is painful and it does hurt, because we don't want to be messy or lazy, it is shameful), if you're anything like me with typical traits of ADDers, you are an amazing person who has the ability to capture and intrigue peoples interests by just being your wonderfully creative and uniquely different self with all those beautiful ideas and thoughts that you have.

Let me be like those people who have messy homes, offices and lives without ADD and just don't give a damn over being someone who is constantly reminded and tortured by the fact that you can't stand being this person that you know and feel really is not who you want to be.

08-29-09, 06:37 PM
Btw I forgot to mention, I did find something that helps me get through cleaning the house from start to finish without getting distracted because something more fun comes my way. Now although this doesn't motivate me to clean, it makes cleaning ALOT easier. I download audio books to my ipod and it has help miraculously in getting me through from start to finish when it comes to house cleaning or other menial chores that I despise. So if you're not already doing this you should consider giving it a shot. I don't mind cleaning the house at all now when I have a good story to entertain me for the duration.

Good Luck

09-09-09, 03:17 PM
I am often overwhelmed and also have trouble prioritizing. For instance, on a "good" day you might find me washing the dustboards. Nevermind, that the dustboards are the least visible thing in this house of chaos!

One thing that helps me prioritize a little is to get away from the house for a little while. When I come back, I try to notice the most obvious messy things when I return, then I know what to work on first. Almost as if I'm a stranger walking into my own house and seeing things for the first time.

And, unfortunately, I've done this a lot but failed to get started on even the most obviously distressing jobs...