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07-27-09, 04:17 PM

I am likely going to start Adderall within the next few months for what I suspect is adult ADHD-I. I have seen my doctor once about it and he referred me to a specialist, but it's been a month and I don't even have an appointment yet. I intend to go back to him before the summer is over and ask him if he can start me on something just to try, and I suspect he will give me Adderall (based on all the research I've done).

Anyway, back in high school I suffered with ED-NOS (restricting, but my weight was 7-10 pounds too high to be diagnosed with Anorexia, I never told anybody and was never diagnosed). I am entering my junior year of college and have basically been recovered since I started, although I do overeat quite often and am overweight.

I know that lack of appetite and therefore weightloss are side effects of the drug, which I am okay with, but it worries me a bit because of my past with disordered eating. I am wondering:
-has anybody relapsed because of the sudden weightloss due to stimulants?
-what is the best way to avoid weight gain if the drug doesn't solve the problem I think is ADHD?
-for anyone who overeats or binges, what effect did you find Adderall had on you?

I think I am in a good enough place that I won't relapse but it is always a concern because I never want to go back to the hell that was my eating disorder.

As far as not gaining weight (and also not losing too fast) I was thinking of sticking to a set calorie amount (maybe ~1700/day) so that my metabolism wouldn't change too drastically. The issue with this is that calorie counting was something that triggered me to no end, and I worry that since I should, theoretically, be able to limit what I eat, I'll go nuts with the "power" and become obsessed once again.

Thoughts/suggestions/answers to my questions?

07-27-09, 05:09 PM
welcome aboard...enjoy your stay:)

07-30-09, 02:32 AM
losethefire - i was going to post a similar post about this. i have a long past with eating disorder problems mostly bulimia but anorexia as well. mostly i was a binge/purger though...the med has made my desire to binge completely go away, but the desire to restrict is there and is strong...for me, since i think that ADHD is an underlying problem that caused my eating disorder, I think that even though it is difficult, i am functioning better in life and it has given me better tools/resources to fight this addiction.

i am not on adderall i am on ritalin but before i was on it i was kind of relapsing to restricting my cals...i still restrict some...but it has definitely not been a total relapse and i am nowhere as bad as i used to be.

i am planning on getting on an eating schedule and sticking to it...b/c as i am sure you will never EVER be happy in your eating disorder.

maybe you could talk to your doctor about your concerns with the ED?

i have not...b/c i don't want to be denied the meds that i believe that i need.

take care,

07-30-09, 03:13 AM
the docs like to start slow too they can try wellbutrin,strettara, ect....they might tinker with those for a i wouldn't freak out just yet i would take that way before hitting the amphetamine class
i would ask them about that first they might work for you