View Full Version : Clonazepam and Adderall?

07-29-09, 06:29 PM
Are they counter productive? When I take my adderall how long should I be able to tell that it is helping. I am taking instant release 20 mg once to twice a day. Anyways it feels like I need to take my second pill 3 hours after taking the first. I used to be on dexedrine 10 mg 4x a day. Anyways when I take my Clonazepam it seems like within 30 mins to an hour all the benefits from my add meds are gone. I am also taking Pristiq and Abilify. Thanks

07-29-09, 07:17 PM
we are on similar in the medications i take my clzpm at night before bed. i can see it washing out the stim. that would wack me i need the stim. full effect all day long. at night when i crash i go strait to bed take the night meds and sleep great

my meds:
adderall 30gmxr
ambian 5 mg
clzpm 2 mg
traziidone 300mg
lexapro 20 mg
abilify 5mg