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04-11-03, 01:15 PM

After dealing with a lifetime of my own AD/HD and working with others who have AD/HD I have come to realize that one of the most important ways to lead a productive life with AD/HD is to Advocate for ourselves and/or our children. We must ADDvocate for ourselves in the following areas.

Educational Needs
The traditional education system for a number of different reasons is not set up to educate those of us with AD/HD and other LDs. It is our responsiblity to make sure that we are able to learn in that environment by receiving appropriate accomodations and modifications. It is our responsility to learn the laws pertaining to AD/HD and education. If we have trouble getting our educational needs met it is our responsibilty to stand up for ourselves or to find somebody else to help us.

Medical Needs
It is our responsiblity to find a medical professional who is competent in the area of treating AD/HD. If we feel that we are not getting the treatment we deserve it is also our responsiblity to speak up and even find another professional. It is also our responsibilty to learn as much as we can about any medication we take to help with AD/HD. If the medication is not working or we have adverse effects from it it is also our responsibilty to inform the proffessional who prescribed the medication. We must also make the choice of whether we are going to take medication to help manage our AD/HD on our own with out be pushed into making the descison by somebody else.

Psychological Needs
We as ADDers have the responsibilty to deal with the psychological issues related to having AD/HD. It is our responsiblty to get help if those issues are contributing to hurting ourselves and/or those around us. If we are in therapy or counceling and we feel that it's not helping it is our responsibilty to speak up. It is also our responsibilty to find a professional who understands our needs.

Workplace Needs
It is our responsiblity to find a job that uses our strengths. It is also our responsliblity to make the descision of whether or not to let our employers know that we have AD/HD. We must also deal the the issues surrounding which ever choice we make. If we have let them know that we have AD/HD it is our responsiblity to make sure that we are being treated fairly and not being descriminated against. If we are not being treated fairly it is our responsiblity to fight for our rights by putting complaints in writing and sending them to the appropriate people.