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08-01-09, 03:58 AM
Apologies if this is a bit chatty and rambling.
I have a week and half of annual leave in which I want to do some private computer projects. I have a number of ideas of things I want to play with....

exploring the Flickr API to get info about my flickr uploads
exploring a few Perl modules that I think I ought to know about (just play with them, maybe blog about which I find useful)
use grease monkey to make a particular website more helpful to me
generally get my new laptop more customised to my liking

The problem is, I am trying to achieve a number of distinct and complementary objectives.

learn something
have fun
do something useful (I get frustrated if what I do isn't immediately useful).

I guess a subtext to this rambling is how people here go about learning new stuff. I find it easy to 1/4 learn something, put it down and not know how to pick it up again.
I havce found it useful to put this stuff down on paper. Any thoughts would be welcome

08-07-09, 04:52 AM
I took a unix shell and script programming class last semester and had to learn Perl in and out. The way I learn any language is by writing code. I get really bored if I have to read something in a book or on a website. Going to class and hearing the professor teach it helped a lot. The way I keep programming from getting boring is by experimenting by writing programs myself after learning about each new concept and then compiling and investigating the errors, based on the language of course. There's a lot of tutorial sites out there and sample code, like Perl Monks. In the beginning I used to take notes but later found it worthless

Once I start with this kind of stuff I hyperfocus and it's hard to stop. Just get started even if you don't feel like it, and you might then find it fun and interesting

Bottom line: Anything I learn regarding computers I learn hands on, reading only goes so far, I retain something a lot better if I'm DOING it and not READING about it