View Full Version : Interesting article about Seroquel...and awesome site in general

08-02-09, 04:17 PM
I've been a fan of this blog site (listed below). Actually written by a very smart psychiatrist who keeps his identity a secret.

Anyways, as someone who has recently been given a diagnosis of Bipolar I, i have been doing as much research as I can about the disorder and the medications. I came back to this site and started reading up and found this particle article/blog post super interesting about Seroquel. If you want more great stuff the site is loaded.

Pretty fascinating that Seroquel doesn't do ZIPPY as an antipsychotic until you reach 500mg.


08-11-09, 11:20 AM
If only *all* psychiatrists had this understanding of pharmacology, I think we'd all be in a much better place with our treatment.