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08-02-09, 07:58 PM
I decided to go see another Pdoc because the previous one I had acted like he didn't really care about his patients. He would make you come in for an office visit just to pick up scripts. I would spend 3-5 minutes in his office. He would ask, "Are the meds working?" If you answer yes, he will give you your scripts and move on to the next patient. Personally, I don't think you should have to pay a copay to pick up prescriptions. He's all about the money. I didn't like his attitude or office procedures, so I made an appointment to see a new Pdoc. I had to wait two months before I could see this guy.

Anyway, I saw him the other day and told him about the ADHD-I, Anxiety, Anger and Depression. I told him I was currently taking Adderall, Klonopin and Prozac and they were working fine. He said, "I don't prescribe benzos or any type of ADHD medication." I said, "So you are going to switch all of my meds even though the ones I'm taking are helpful? How do you treat ADHD without ADHD medications?" He abruptly told me that if I don't like the meds he's offering, (Prozac and Wellbutrin XL) then I need to see someone else. Believe me, my feelings won't be hurt. You shouldn't take stimulants anyway because of your high blood pressure. You're gonna have a heart attack in a few years." THAT TOTALLY PI**ED ME OFF! Why does he even advertise that he treats ADHD?

My cardiologist who treats my high blood pressure gave me clearance for stimulants because my blood pressure has been under control with medication for two years. He said the stimulants will help me lose weight which will lower the blood pressure and then I could possibly get off of BP meds. He just told me to keep monitoring it, and I'll be fine.

I'm so tired of these arrogant, stick up the butt doctors who don't listen to their patients. They think that every patient that walks in their office is a pill popper or dope fiend. We are the ones who keep them employed and their pockets fat! I will never recommend him to anyone, and h*ll no, I'm not going back. Gotta look for another doctor again. This is so frustrating! :mad:

Sorry if this post was too long. I had to get that off of my chest.

08-02-09, 08:19 PM
I wish i had a nickle for all the times i've heard those words come out of the pdocs mouth....simplest thing for you seems to go back to the old doc that gave you the meds. i'm only in that office a few minutes benzo,or stims wankers and they are p docs :mad:
the good one's don't like to spend much time so that's always the way it is :D
understand your anger too well

hang in there:cool:

08-02-09, 11:21 PM
I agree that you shouldn't have to pay for a full visit if all they're doing is giving you a refill prescription.

It's really frustrating that I pay the same for 10 minutes or an hour.

I'd also be angry if he advertises expertise in ADHD but doesn't "believe" in stimulants.

And I think you should post your feedback on one or more of those "Doctor Feedback" sites. If you Google for "rate a doctor" you'll find several. I find the reviews written by patients to be somewhat useful, if they're not emotional and are well-written.