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concerned mom
05-05-04, 06:19 PM
I asked my kids school for a IEP .. that was 2 months ago ... anyway we have had alot of problems with the school .... Today my husband went to the school and they told him that my son didn't qualify for one.. Does anyone know what the qualifations are for getting one ? I would think having D's and C grades would qualify for one . If it helps out any we live in Missouri State.

05-06-04, 08:29 AM
Is this the son with the ADHD diagnosis? If not, does he have any other diagnosis? If he has ADHD, LD, or other disabilities that are documented, he does qualify for an IEP. School districts are hurting, and it's not uncommon for them to try to weasel out of providing special services that would cost them additional money. You may have to push them, and remind them of their legal obligations.

Section 1400(d) of IDEA states that students with disabilities are entitled to a FAPE, or free appropriate public education. When a service for a student is being discussed, an IEP team should never discuss the costs involved for providing appropriate services. This falls under the obligations of the school district providing the services. Case law supports the idea that a school district cannot use the financial cost of a service as a reason for denying services (Cedar Rapids Community school District vs. Garret F.), no. 96-743.

Here's a handy tool that will help you respond to their objections:

concerned mom
05-06-04, 12:49 PM
Thanks .. ya he has adhd , odd, dslexia and ptsd . I have it documented but the school doesnt have a copy yet . I have told the school what he was diagnosed with over 20 times and yet yesterday when hubby went to the school they said we never told them . There just trying to play games. Unforuntitly im in a town under 1000 people and there are no other schools aroudn us for him to go to

05-06-04, 12:57 PM
He does NOT automatically qualify for an IEP just because he has those conditions. He does how ever qualify for a section 504.

Each state has different criteria for what qualifies a student for an IEP. If the school is telling you he does not qualify for an IEP then the must have some testing to refer to. They should have also had you in for meeting to go over the results of the testing. It sounds like the they haven't done an evalution.

concerned mom
05-06-04, 01:05 PM
Hey do they have like a book called I.E.P. for dummies lol I keep reading and I only understand some of the info not all

concerned mom
05-06-04, 03:13 PM
They havent done any testing at all on him . Last year we think he had a i.e.p. done after reading some information but we arent positive

05-06-04, 04:31 PM
The website has some great info.

concerned mom
05-21-04, 10:37 PM
OK ya'll ain't going to believe this ... ok the last day of school my son comes home with his grades and a IEP .. we'll the last 2 yrs he has been on a IEP . Now we didnt know what it was 2yrs ago and thats when it started. We have only had one meeting about it that was when he first got it 2yrs ago . Its for his speech and was also for his reading. Now mind you the princeable said he doesnt qualify for one ( dumba$$) and we never had that meeting like we were supposed too . So now Im trying to figure out how to get a advocet for us to deal with this . I have no idea how to go about it. But boy this ****ed me off ... we are supposed to have meeting about htis and everything and we only had 1 .

05-21-04, 10:48 PM
The site that I gave you above should help you search for an advocate. Big also has listings at his site.