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08-08-09, 09:47 PM
A dear friend of mine has two children (daughter 6t, son 11) with Tourettes and fetal alcohol syndrome. She is really concerned because the son does not know how to deal with anger in a constructive manner and get really filled with rage. She is coming to the conclusion that he may need to be medicated but nothing has worked so far at controlling the anger or dealing with the Tourettes tics. The medication for the anger really worsens the Tourettes. Mom does not have a computer now and is really the only person dealing with it. Everyone else is walking away and she is having a really bad time. Has anyone else dealt with this? I guess I am looking for someone that has had experiences with this so she does not quite feel so alone.

08-15-09, 12:34 AM
depending on how bad the tics are he may need a medication to help specifically with tics, but to me this seems like a prime example of someone who could use anger management and/or therapy. From what I have read online there are many parents who have similar issues with kids with TS or other disorders, I think there may even be a online community specifically for parents in this situation. Facts are that Things will get better, time has proven it, however, there will be times at which you feel all alone this is but a phase ansd everything will get worked out just wayt and see.