View Full Version : Monday 8/10/09 GFC Results Thread

08-09-09, 10:31 AM
Here's the new results thread. Looks like it will be on a Monday after all, at least this week. I'll have to report my exercise Tuesday evening. I lost my phone Thursday afternoon and it has all my info in it. I will be able to retrieve it Tuesday at lunch, whew, so I'll report mine then. I'll go into better detail on my sad tale of woe (LOL now fortunately) tomorrow when I'm on a different computer. This one is a pain to type on. Later y'all.

08-13-09, 05:54 AM
Taps the microphone..."is this thing on?" Helloooooooooo, anybody out there?

Here's my report:

8-3: walked 2.8 miles
8-4: walked 2.8 miles
8-5: walked 2.8 miles

That's all folks.