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08-09-09, 06:10 PM
I found myself watching a show on ABC regarding an Autistic teen Carly Fleischmann who found a way to communicate with others by typing onto a laptop. It's amazing what she says she experiences and her explaination to curious behavior others may find distrubing. They didn't know she could spell words or read... they had never taught her.

It made me think about the hypersensitivities my older son has when he was born though it isn't as extreme as what Carly explains.

I thought her parents were amazing for the amount of love and support they gave her. It also gave me an insight onto parenting children by positive reinforcing behaviors they wanted Carly to do. Sometimes, I think I am pretty strict with my children... however, watching part of her therapy and seeing the results makes me feel as though I didn't stick to my guns as I should have.

Anyway, here's a link to her ABC story: Teen Locked in Autistic Body Finds Inner Voice (

And her blog: Carly's Voice (

08-09-09, 06:56 PM
Wow. Thank you for posting this.

08-09-09, 11:54 PM
"I want you to close your eyes and imagine a girl all alone in the middle of the jungle. All she can hear are the sounds of the animals. But what she does not know is that the sounds aren't just random sounds. In fact, the animals are talking to each other. People think that a lion's roar is its way to scare you. But let me tell you from experience that a roar is not just a roar. Actually a roar can mean many things depending on the tone. I think that humankind is just oblivious to things that have been around for many years. I think humans are so silly. See us animals are much smarter because we understand what is going on around us. But that's another story for another day."
That's pretty amazing.....why did'nt someone try the keypad before?Seriously.

Does anyone know how Carly would compare to a 'higher functioning',autistic person?If compared by movement and the perception from the outside eye....

08-10-09, 12:27 AM
My diagnosis personally at this time (actually my doctor never really statesd one) is ADHD. I feel certain that what i actually am is moderately autistic. When I hear some of the autistic people who have been able to communicate their issues they are so similar to what I've been through. Every time someone tries to treat my ADHD it never quite works. What I have always had is tremendous overstimulation and I have had to work all my life to diminish the input and find ways of coping. I engage(d) in destructive behaviors whether they be drugs, or incessant picking of acne till I had scabs. Without medication sitting still is impossible.

When I was younger attempting to read was extremely difficult because I could never keep my place. My eyes jumped around and would be on the next line or two lines down etc. I liked to do vocalization. Like jungle yells. I would stand most of the time and move around. Work was almost an impossibility. Over time I got better at it but it was always torturous to even be mildly productive. My nervous system would be saying "move around. Jiggle. Run around. Move. Walk." I remember also teachers saying i was slow to start reading.

The thing is i went all the way to adulthood with no help or treatment. I changed schools several times. I eventually dropped out and took a GED. The main problem was my parents. They were both teachers and my mother insisted there could be nothing wrong with me. Teachers wanted to hold me back grades. I remember the principle in 7th grade saying i'd never make it past the 10th grade. The one thing I wish at this time is that my condition would have been worse. I was always functional enough and on the threshold potential, that with my the insistence of my parents i never was fully diagnosed or treated. Only after i spent several years as a drug addict and nearly died from it did I ever get any help. I started therapy as part of recovery. I still never felt I was in the same crowd of people with the same difficulties. I could babble on forever I suppose. Theres much more to the journey than that. It's sad to me though. I can't ever talk to my family about this. It's almost criminal to every claim any such thing. They simply won't hear it or aren't interested. Even though i have a brother who is on disability because his issues were so profound as to know hope of personal support without assistance. For me, I'm articulate enough that any short coming i have is seen as me just being a goof or lazy etc.

Just thought i would share this. LOL. I'm trying to put it out there some. Somehow this has to be useful and not for naught.