View Full Version : This is your mind on ... (rap)

08-10-09, 12:17 AM
I feel sorta like Guy Pearce from Memento,
the beds cold and I dont know when the rents owed,
how can i do my job when i cant remember,
oh damn I forgot I left the stove on,
Hold on, I'm getting a call from my mom,
Whats going on, I cant control my thoughts,
Is that a ball, wonder how itll bounce,
when i throw it against the wall, what is wrong,
with my brain, im goin insane

Turn it off, turn it off, turn off that switch,
that makes me twitch, that doesnt let me stand, whats the brand,
of that last can of soda, my mind cant get over,
every single little thing that sparkles,
I wonder what I could write with these markers,

Now look at the time, its almost nine,
Im late for work and I need a reminder,
something to do that I desire,
to look at im so obsessed,
that you can understand why im so upset
with my mind all the time
that i resort to writing this rhyme
about an acronym
that i cant forgive