View Full Version : abilify with SSRI induced mania (crazy trip)

08-13-09, 03:43 PM
Had been taking 30mg abilify for 8 months now for hypomania, auditory and visual halluicinations and have been doing great living a normal life and doing well in school. Summer school got out a week ago and I went to visit my parents for 2 weeks before school started. couple of days there, nothing major, then I went into a manic or hypomanic episode. Cussing people out, trying to getting into fights, ddriving wrecklessly etc. Parrents came home and took me to ER. Doc says stop taking the Zoloft 100mg and you'll be ok. Says you shouldn't be taking any antidepressants.

Well, I feel like **** now. the zoloft was controlling my depression and anxiety. So now I'm currently taking 70mg vyvanse daily, 30mg abilify daily, cogentin 0.5 as needed for muscle spasms from the abilify, and Ambien 10mg.

The Ambien barely puts me to sleep but all I want to do is sleep. My ups and downs are gone and I feel really stable but I still feel like I'm dying slowly. The aches all over and headaches are enough to get to me soon.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to discuss these problems.

I was wondering what the HIVE mind bring up at this said appointment. I'm not going on a major tranquillizer like risperdal, invega, geodon etc. unless it's the last resort. I had read that some give amphetamines like ritilin or provigil to fight depression. I really only have severe depression symptoms AFTER my vyvanse wears off. Anyways, I'm lost on what to do and am along for the ride. Any info is GREATLY appreciated.