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08-15-09, 01:34 PM
I am prescribed 70mg of vyvanse in the morning and 20mg of adderall in the afternoon.

While the adderall helps with the motivation, I feel super rushed while on it! Without it I don't have the energy or motivation to care.

Anyone else experience this on adderall?

The rushed feeling does make me agitated sometimes and I will snap at people because of it. Not horribly bad though.


08-15-09, 03:41 PM
Yep, I experience the same 'rushed' feeling. Although there are times when I am really focused on what I am doing and when that happens I don't rush as much.

I snap at people too while on adderall, I just get really frustrated very easily at the smallest of things... I try to keep it in most of the time but it doesn't always work.

How does Vyvanse work for you? How does it compare to Adderall? I have thought about trying it out.

Louder Than Love
08-15-09, 03:51 PM
Seems like there's a lot of variables involved in it for me,if im well slept, and eaten... I never experience this. but, with loss of sleep, Yes, I feel very rushed, and I make mistakes.

Havent ever been able to try anything other than ritalin, and THAT... ew. no thank you.
Not for me. Id REALLY like to have Dexedrine, ive heard it works much better than adderall, but my doc is scared to write it.

08-16-09, 01:15 PM
Thanks, glad to know i'm not the only one.

I like the vyvanse, but like a lot of the meds it wears off too soon. On a good day it doesn't wear off until noon or one. On a bad day it can wear off by 10am. Hormones, how much sleep I have gotten, and general stress/anxiety all effect how well it works I have found. I really like it though because it does clear my head (get's rid of the fog) where as the adderall helps with the afternoon motivation. I am lucky enough to have a dr who listens when I have a concern about the way my meds are working for me. Unfortunately there just aren't a lot of options out there.