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08-16-09, 03:46 PM
Havent seen anything on here about (

has anyone besides me used it?

I used it for a few weeks about a year ago and it was really working for my family, then we moved and I sorta forgot about it.

Im startubf it again today. how it works is you put in the ppl in your household then enter thet chores and how often that chore needs to be done and also a hardness/disirability scale. it splits the choores between the family members and you print it out and post it on your fridge or where ever.

Its not an exact science because it still may give one person the same chore 2 days in a row sometimes and it doesnt have an If/then feature (i.e. If you make dinner then you will not do dishes)

But overall its a pretty cool (should I say neat? hehe) idea.

It breaks things up so that you only do a few of chores a day.

I hyperfocused this weekend and cleaned my house really good.Now I have printed a schedule and we'll see if my husband ,son and I can stick to it.

Oh and theres a feature where you can add your own notes to the bottom of your schedule for example these are my additions to the bottom of my schedule:

*Sometimes this list may have too many chores for a person and not enough for another. Should this happen some chores will be redistributed.

*If dishes are your chore you must keep all dishes washed on your day.when you go to bed there should be no dishes.Anything accumulated after that person goes to bed is the responsibility of the next day's dish washer.

*If you do dishes then someone else has to wipe table, counter and stove.
Whoever is NOT doing dishes or counters will sweep and spot mop kitchen.

*If you have a bathroom chore it is in reference to YOUR bathroom not both

If you have a laundry chore it means you wash, dry and put away your OWN laundry. Don't leave it in the dryer.Be sure to separate colors from lights.

Towels are to be done alone, not with other clothes.

10-02-09, 03:02 PM
wow. that will be great when my kids get older (like old enough to at least read it :lol: )

I think maybe if I remember to do it when they are older it would be neat to put a column called 'other' or 'extra credit' and put a monatary value only on those items. then whoever does it first that day can be paid out for it. I can then put stuff like "wash windows" and "clean car" that I don't want to do and would gladly pay them for.

I like that idea because I don't want to give my kids an allowance. I want them to earn the money. But I don't want to pay them to clean their own room and stuff that they should be doing anyway. But for a chore that is suppost to be my job I will gladly hire out to them :)