View Full Version : Can She Use the Daytrana Patch Again?

08-17-09, 08:40 PM
My 17-year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 10 years old and successfully used Concerta until last year when it appeared to stop working. She tried Adderall, which was a disaster! In June her doctor recommended the Daytrana patch. It worked very well. However, after about a month she started having problems with the patch. After she would take the patch off the redness would not go away for several days. Two of the patch areas swelled. She rotated the patch, used Eucerin several times a day, but it did not improve. The doctor told her to stop using the patch. She is now taking a combination of Ritalin LA and the short acting Ritalin to give her the coverage she needs. The combination appears to be working. She was very disappointed because, apart from the skin reaction, the patch was the best thing she had used - even better than the Concerta. It offered her a lot of flexibility and she didn't need to worry about a second dose of medicine to get her through the evening. My question is, has anyone taken a break from the patch, let the skin heal, and try to use it again a few months later?

08-24-09, 01:18 AM
I am a 30 year old adult that has been using the patch since February 2008, after switching from Concerta. I also experience skin sensitivity with the patch. The only thing that I have found to work, and work very well, is Neutrogena Norwegian Body Moisturizer-Daily Body Lotion-FRAGRANCE FREE. The problem is, they've changed the formula, and you may only be able to find the previous formula online. Try, or some other discount online store. But this stuff definitely worked for me. I tried Eucerin, Aveeno, etc., and they did not work nearly as well. The Neutrogena virtually eliminated the redness when it was applied to the skin after removal of the patch, even when cortisone cream would not! And, by the way, Daytrana works very well for me, too.