View Full Version : MSN Email and Calendar on Cell Phones?

08-18-09, 06:57 PM
It was just a thought earlier this year.... that... it would be nice to have a family calendar online where it will send reminders to all of the family cell phones and also be able to manipulate it online or via cell phone.

I think it may have happend. I haven't fully checked it out yet (sort of technically challenged at the moment) ... however, there was a new feature on my MSN email account that says "click here to connect hotmail to yor cell phone for reminders"

This may be too good to be true.... now I have to figure out which calendar to use (outlook, windows, hotmail, or T-Mobils .... SIGH)

What is your major calendar and is it hooked up to your cell phone and online?

01-01-13, 01:25 AM
It is really a good and one of the best features, I also heard about MSN Email and calendar on cell phones. It will support on all mobiles softwares or not. Can you provide me complete details about availability of MSN email and calendar on cell phones.