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08-18-09, 07:03 PM
My 11 y/o son was on Ritalin XR, and we took a break for a year from it. I didn't like the results, he was always awake and just couldn't go to sleep at night. He also lost a lot of weight. And he seemed to be more jittery and wired on days that he was at home.
Next week he has the Dr's appointment for med prescribe, and probably another assesment. I'm thinking of changing to regulare Ritalin. I'm on Ritalin and I like the flexibilty the pills for what I need. My dosing through out the day was different, and he might be the same way.
I took a half pill in the early afternoon for times that I had night class. He's starting tutoring 2x a week for an hour from 7-8. For those that are in a similar situation does take a early afternoon pill help, but not interfere with sleep?

And how did midafternoon medication work at school? Did the school give the medication and correctly, and how did your child feel about taking it during the day?

08-18-09, 08:14 PM
Tell the doc your concerns. It may take some work to find the best fit.

The pdoc that me and the kids sees always goes over the options and we pick a course of action (with back-up plans if needed). I always went with long acting meds because even though the school would give the meds, I did not want to leave this in the hands of someone that I did not know (there was one nurse for several schools in our district). You might look at the other options such as daytrana that can be removed once your son is back at home. The different meds have different results for everyone. Concerta was really great for my kids and focalin was good but the youngest had some anxiety as it wore off. I find vyvanse to be really smooth with no side effects.

My oldest takes 1.5mg (1/2 of a 3mg tablet) of melatonin to help her fall asleep. Being on a stimulant helps me and the youngest fall asleep (sleep prior to meds was a problem). We are different.

08-19-09, 08:48 AM
My 8 y/o son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We tried Adderall which made him nasty and unhappy. Then we tried Ritalin which worked well, but the short-acting version meant we had to deal with some rollercoaster days as it wore off and he sometimes had some rebound twice a day. After a couple of weeks we switched to Concerta and it has been great. I haven't noticed any rebound and his sleep is sometimes a little later than usual (but not bad and melatonin helps). Once school starts he will be taking it earlier in the morning and hopefully that will mean sleep will come earlier, too.

Good luck!

08-19-09, 03:45 PM
Maybe just a smaller dose of the long acting med would be OK. As noted, Vyvanse is really smooth, but so is Concerta. They each have different types of stimulants in the pill. (Dexedrine vs Methylphenidate)