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08-19-09, 02:45 PM
Curious to see what anyone's thoughts are on the two....

So I have been taking Focalin XR for a couple weeks...and so far I love it, I've tried other meds with little success....I seem to be very suseptable to side effects on the come-down....and with Focalin its very mild.

HOWEVER....focalin XR seems to last for about 5 hours for me...and I like full day coverage (if not medicated im really tired)....and its about 2 bucks a pill with insurance ($180 a month)

So I'm going to try out the focalin IR generics (Dexmethylphenidate) for about $170 less a month....IM curious to know how it compares to the brand focalin XR....How long to the focalin generic IR's tend to last? do you get the peaks and lows similiar to ritalin? you see and differerences in other side effects?

08-20-09, 02:45 PM

08-21-09, 03:44 AM
the XR releases half the dose immediately, then half of it 4 hours later. it's essentially like taking two IR's 4 hours apart... it's a little smoother and more even release however. i've only taken the brand name so i can't comment on the generic, good luck finding the generic.

if you wanna switch to IR just do that, take half your total XR dose when you wake up, and half 3-4 hours later. it's still not quite as smooth as the XR but basically the same.

brand name IR is still a lot cheaper than XR even with twice as many pills.

08-26-09, 11:01 PM
I've been on Focalin IR 3x a day for almost a year, excluding the Adderall XR and Vyvanse trials sprinkled in. This past month I switched from taking 20mg IR three times daily, for a total of 60mgs/day, to taking 20mg Focalin XR twice daily. I WAS MISERABLE. It was like I wasn't even taking anything!! I have no clue what happened or why it didn't work the way it should have. All I know is I lost a month because I was ADHDing it up like I wasn't even on meds. It was fun, yes, but frustrating, disappointing, and entirely unproductive. I guess I can say Focalin XR is smoother than regular release, though.

I notice a difference between brand Focalin and generic dexmethylphenidate, but I'm also on a higher dose than most people. I also go through meds fast, so the XR lasted about 6 hours and the IR lasts about 3 hours for me.