View Full Version : What do you guys/gals do with leftovers?

08-22-09, 10:51 PM
I notice that I like to take breaks and stop taking adderall, mainly so that I don't develop an addiction or resistance to adderall.
So I end up with extras, so I was curious to what everyone else does with their extras.
I know I tend to use it for cleaning etc.
I know one time I got so into Counter-Strike Source that I was up for probably 12-14 hours playing it straight.
Obviously we have to keep this within laws and such, so no crazy crap!
Also does anyone notice a really good, sort of high/speedy feeling from adderall?
I just got re-prescribed adderall, which makes me very happy because it helps soooo much with school its unbelievable.

Childe Roland
08-23-09, 09:42 AM
I tend to save money by not getting new Rxs until the old ones have run out. Although I keep a small (~ 1 week) reserve.