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09-04-09, 12:04 AM
My new PDOC refuses to write my script for Adderall (I have taken 20 to 25MG of Adderall XR 2 times a day for almost three years now). His "logic" is based on the fact that I disclosed a benzo addiction 4 yrs ago. My old PDOC of 4yrs has moved out of state, so I was assigned this new PDOC who I had the displeasure of meeting today. Also present were two young interns who made the situation even more uncomfortable.
I have enough medication for about 3 more days and I'm freaking out. I asked him if I would have a problem going cold turkey and he smugly said... "You go cold turkey every morning don't you". I was so worked up I didn't know what to say to him. I have tried moderately high doses of both Strattera and Concerta with no luck. Adderall has changed my life so much for the better and everyone close to me saw the transformation too.
Does anyone know if it is unsafe for me to stop such a high dose suddenly? I got home early enough to call a couple of PDOCs for appointments and the earliest I can get so far is in three weeks. I just hope I don't waste time with similarly minded PDOC. I live in Martinsburg, WV so if by chance anyone has a dr referral within 45 miles or so I would greatly appreciate it.

09-04-09, 01:08 AM
Oh dear. First, I'm really sorry. Does your new doc have a superior you can complain to?

Second, when you called these other docs, did you fully explain the situation? If not, you might try calling them back, or if so, try calling a few more. You might luck out and find someone disgusted enough with your current doc's behavior that they would fit you in right away.

Third, I know this is controversial advice, and it doesn't really do you personally any good at this point, but people need to be more aware of the consequences of disclosing certain facts to their doctors. Generally there is little if anything to be gained by it, but everything to lose.

09-04-09, 01:43 AM
Man that is beyond unprofessional and he should be reported to any and all agencies you can find.

This is the pure reason I NEVER offer any more information to doctors than they ask....I disclose all meds I am CURRENTLY on and leave my "history" as MY business....never, and I mean NEVER tell a prescribing doctor who is potentially going to Rx pain meds, stimulants, anything that has EVER been abused by anybody since the beginning of time that you have ever been "human" and fell prey temporaily to any substance that got the better of you......GEEZUS.

Man, I am sooo sorry for what you just, clearly enough, has struck a very sensitive cord with me and I know I am not being helpful or productive in the it just burns my ***** that a supposed medical "professional" would be so f-ing condescending and insulting and inhuman.

....FRIK man.....I am gonna think this thru for awhile if you don't mind and see if I can come up with an angle that may be more productive than my BP&M.

You will prolly not die from running out of medication. thats not the point.....but that a-hole doctor needs his license revoked for unprofessionalism for even making such an inconsiderate coment as "you go cold turkey every morning don't you".....honestly I would have been as flabbergasted, confussed and blown away by that treatment I would have competely lost site of the reality of the situation that...YEAH, I'm kickin your ***** right now you prick......and then proceeded to give him reason to seek medical attention.

OK....I admit I hate having to concede authority for my condition to anyone else and doctors like this chap my ***** to no end......I haven't experienced it since being DX for ADHD but I GD went thru it countless times waiting surgury for degenerative disc in the mid 90's and had to submit to being treated like street heroin addict everytime I needed refill on pain meds.....sucs

Not sure what to say brother but I feel your pain.....and understand completely.


09-04-09, 02:02 AM

geezus man....let me apologize for flyin off the handle i that post....I was otta line and don't want to, hope not to incite you to be as irrational as my response to your post, OK....kinda tired and part of my post was historically accurate in that I cannot understand some medical professionals insensitivities to the general public they took an oath to help.

Please pay no attention to my "burn notice" for that doc.....I just hate to hear situations like yours as I have experienced similar treatment and will never understand or comprehend the thinking behind it.

I will still consider your dilemma and let you know if i come up with any angle that may be productive rather than add to your aggrivation by stirring the pot....OK? Again....sorry for my knee jerk post above but was my honest and sincere immediate response to reading what you endured....just shoulda thought it through before hitting send my friend.


09-04-09, 03:18 AM
I'm so so sorry, that Dr. .. what do you even say to that? Don't feel bad, that sort of behaviour is so incredibly out of line. I'm sure others will have a lot of good advice for you. Unfortunately all I got are hugs ((((hugs))))

09-04-09, 03:34 AM
Is it possible for you to track down your old PDOC and ask him for help? I bet he wouldn't be too pleased to learn that his former colleague is questioning his judgement! At the very least, maybe he could call in a prescription renewal for you, to tide you over until you can talk to a new PDOC who isn't a pompous *****-hat.

Trooper Keith
09-04-09, 05:54 AM
Not to touch on the issue of your doctor, who is acting in what they believe is the safest way (I had a new pdoc who was uncomfortable with my prn Ritalin script and moved me to Adderall, which seriously ****ed me up 5 years ago, but I can't blame them: I'd be uncomfortable writing prn Ritalin to a college student too), it's entirey safe to go cold turkey off of your medication, but there will be withdrawal effects that will persist for several days. You will likely become irritable and feel physically ill for a while. I'd say take Excedrin for the headaches, Emetrol for any nausea, and warn your close associates that you're going to be particularly irritable and emotionally labile for a few days.

09-04-09, 06:41 AM
Like the post which said they never disclose their "history". Our society seems so bent on not allowing drug abusers their drug of choice, that this has kept many of us from receiving proper diagnosed medication.

Childe Roland
09-04-09, 09:23 AM
There are many, many doctors. Find another one. That's the good thing about the free market. You get your medication, and your smug doctor loses a patient.

Stopping Adderall won't hurt you. It will just make you tired for a few days. You might want to get the Concerta Rx filled while you're waiting to see another doctor. It should work better than nothing. I find it to be equally effective as Adderall.

09-04-09, 09:49 AM
Krendarian....I beg your pardon, but I get the distinct impression from YOUR post that you just called me an abuser of drugs?

09-04-09, 10:27 AM
i fully adhere to the rule of thumb that you should never tell anybody about any drug usage that some might find untoward, unless it's like a life or death situation or something...

that being said good luck. my primary doctor prescribed me adderall but i am considering seeking therapy because he won't ever give me a higher dosage and i should receive counseling for asperger syndrome but i'm a little scared to have this same thing happen to me also :(

09-04-09, 11:45 AM
Kiddder--- I think Krendarian might have been agreeing with your points and in saying "Our society seems so bent on not allowing drug abusers their drug of choice, that this has kept many of us from receiving proper diagnosed medication." he means that because doctors are so into avoiding prescribing drugs to people who abuse them, those who do need controlled drugs for legitimate reasons get screwed. It seems to me that he was referring to your post and adding his own comments, but not connecting the two.

I could be wrong though.

Anyway-- I think that doctor is a little too paranoid and insensitive. I would find a new doctor if I were you and if my new doctor asked why I left my previous one, I would say it was because my old one moved out of state. I wouldn't mention the second doctor or the denial of the prescription at all because it might make your new doctor suspicious.

Good luck!

09-04-09, 12:26 PM
yeahyeahyeah....interesting moniker, I like it, jeolous, wish I'd thought of it, heh heh heh, yeahyeahyeah!

Well I certainly hope a contibutor, especially on this forum and a newbie no less, would never jump to such a conclusion or judgement. My post is a little extreme, hence my follow up struck a very personal cord in me because I suffered a degenerative spinal disc which needed surgey in the mid 90"s and I had no insurance. I was forced to be treated by the local University Medical Center pain clinic for over two years waiting state sponsored surgey. During that time I suffered some of the worst, abusive, judgemental, derogatory, punitive treatment from everyone and anyone from some in my own family to local pharmacist (very small town) who "gossiped" my medication all over town to the point I was basically looked upon and treated as a common street heroin addict.

People love and gravitate toward the worst possable judgements and doctors are people first, then doctors, who are just as suceptable to jumping to conclusions if not more so than the general poulation when it comes to controlled substances regardless of the fact they were prescribed for a legitimate medical condition and taken just as prescribed and shouldn't have been treated any different that the diabetic taking insulin on a regular basis.....neither I nor the diabetic "chose" to have the particular affliction we have.

Every single time I ever mentioned I took narcotic pain medications for that extended period to anyone, doctors specifically, I was at least looked at with great suspision and at worst utter contempt and disgust as an addict. I was flat out denied treatment for a terrible pinched nerve in my back a few years ago (after playing golf and twisting in some way I should not have) from an ER doctor as soon as I told him my history......he basicall told me, in so many words, I had as much time as it would take for security and police to arrive to escort me out if I didn't leave quietly.....I virtually had to "crawl" to my car I was in such a painful spasm.

After enduring the treatment from family, friends and community where I lived and that ER episode I realized people are judgemental jerks and my "history" is none of their business.....I honestly disclose what ever medications I am on to avoid interactions but will NEVER EVER disclose I ever took a controlled substance to any doctor, family, friend, etc. ever again in my is irrelevant and will only prevent me from receiving fair and unbiased treatment.....that in NO way makes me a drug seeker or a drug abuser and I have never taken any precripions other than prescribed or ever abused them. It has also been 30 years since my "youth" when I was foolish and did my share of youthful experimantation, which I would never reveal or admit to anyone ever too is irrelevant.

Sorry for the rant, but it really bothers me to feel I am being judged because MY contition required or requires a prescribed medication that some in the general poulation who have no legitimate reason for taking them do so soley to get high. Given the choice I certainly would not choose to have a condition (ADHD now) that requires medications that are looked down is a double burden to suffer the condition and be jdged for the treatment as well.

Stepping down off my soapbox now ;o)

09-04-09, 02:19 PM
What a terrible situation. I have always disclosed that I had a major history of drug abuse during my teens and 20's. No doc ever gave me trouble about it, maybe because it was a long time ago and I never struggled with real addiction. But people's experiences on these forums have really changed my attitude. I won't share the information in the future.

The really sick thing is that it's OBVIOUS that lots of ADHD folks are going to have a history of drug use and abuse. So many of us have struggled with the indirect consequences of ADHD, which can lead to recreational drug use and abuse: depression, social isolation, low self-esteem, mind-numbing boredom and the need for stimulation, etc.

To disqualify a person from treatment with medication because of some mistakes in the past is sick. I understand they need to monitor these substances carefully, and those of us who have a history of drug abuse may warrant some extra scrutiny. But to simply deny medication is bizarre.

Sorry that I have no advice for the original question. I hope you find someone who can help. Aren't you pretty close to DC? There must be a lot of quality psychs in DC.

09-04-09, 06:34 PM
Hey -- I am going to send you a PM. There is a very clear strategy I follow when challenging (politely) authority, particularly when they trample over me. It can be extraordinarily effective. You are in the driver's seat, even if the doc never goes your way.