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Cartoon Autopsy
09-05-09, 03:22 PM
I feel like this issue is entirely overlooked yet important to pay attention to.
If you are like myself and (properly, as directed) use stimulant medication to keep your ADD/ADHD under control, staying well-nourished/well-rested and so on are often issues to give extra care to.
I am prescribed 40 milligrams of generic immediate-release Adderall per day (2 20-mg pills at separate intervals;no other medications) for a diagnosis of Impulsive/Inattentive-Type AD/HD.

I am 21/female/110 pounds at 5'6". I am fine with that, but cannot afford to lose weight. I try hard to maintain my current size regardless of the appetite-loss side effect.

I do not take a full 40 milligrams unless I have a full day's work to do, which is about 4 out of 7 days a week. I feel that this is an appropriate dosage for me, and does not affect my sleep negatively unless I accidentally don't think and take it too late in the day.

Regardless of this dose and medication being a good fit for me and causing no serious concerns YET, I have observed others on Adderall who develop problems like acne, malnutrition, dental cavities, bags under eyes, hair falling out, fatigue, insomnia, and other worrisome side effects combined with long-term use (not necessarily abuse).

These concerns have led me to take a multi-vitamin and herbs daily, cut out low-nutrient foods, discontinue previous use of birth control pills, cut back on smoking cigarettes, stop use alcohol aside from the odd drink, take melatonin and valerian (herbal supplements) to ensure sleep is adequate every night, drinking plenty of water and so-on.

The primary side effects I have noticed are cotton-mouth regardless of keeping hydrated, and excessive sweating which I cannot find a solution for, and the Adderall being ineffective during PMS. In the grand scheme of medication and suffering with ADD/ADHD, these are very minor compared to the benefits--is there anything I can do to relieve this? I have considered requesting prescription deodorant :o.

I'm curious, if you are in a similar position to mine, what do you do to keep your immune system and body in top condition on Adderall/similar medication for AD/HD? I don't have much time to exercise lately, so that factor may have to wait.

Cartoon Autopsy
09-05-09, 04:20 PM
I should also add, I've been on Adderall for approximately two years. I took it less consistently before, since I didn't have as much to do that required close long-term attention. Now I'm taking it far more often to meet the demands of my schedule, but never more than my recommended dose of 40mg/day.

07-31-12, 11:50 PM
hey there! i have been on 20 mg (2 10 mg tablets a day) for about a month now, I am 19 years old and when i started, i was 122lbs and about a week after, i had lost 10 lbs. i was uncomfortable with this excessive weight loss, so i talked to my doctor and did a little research. I learned that taking multivitamins every day (preferably at night, some people have way too sensitive of a stomach in the morning to keep it down) will make sure you are getting enough nutrients, since you may not be eating as much due to the appetite suppression. this will keep your body in good health, also prenatal vitamins are PHENOMENAL even if you are not pregnant. I take a multivitamin and a prenatal every day and it keeps me going while on adderall. Also, to prevent yourself from losing weight, i would recommend drinking 2 Ensure Plus every day, it doesnt upset your stomach and its condensed carbs. so you really dont have to be hungry in order to drink them. it got me from 100lbs after my 2nd week of being on adderall to being back up to a healthy 118lbs and has stayed that way (I recommend the Butter Pecan flavor). So far those things have helped me keep on healthy weight and keep me healthy. I hope that helps!

08-01-12, 09:04 AM
I have been out of shape my whole life however as an "awakening" at the beginning of this year I totally made over my lifestyle.

I eat healthier, counting my calories and watching fat and carbs, lots of lean meats and vegetables. I take a multivitamin everyday as well as juice supplements (like the Green Goodness smoothie stuff). I also started working out 5-6x per week. I hit my exercise bike almost every day, lift weights 3-4x per week and usually go hiking on the weekends.

So far I've lost 60 lbs and have noticed changes in my energy and just my general ability to move about without getting horribly fatigued. I still have a long ways to go to be "healthy", but I'm on the right path.

08-09-12, 02:18 AM
One thing I did both before and after the meds was lift and eat accordingly to encourage growth. I've always been far too lazy to cook for myself so I treat eating just like any other schedule based activity. This habit ended up being very useful with the appetite suppression of the meds destroying my desire to eat.

Your body really doesn't need that many calories to stay healthy. I'm 6'2", 175 lbs, low body fat and, not to boast, something of a beast physically. Generally speaking I eat twice a day with a light breakfast of sprouted toast and a supper of meat, veggies, and more slow digesting carbs. Usually more bread or a sweet potato. I adjust accordingly based on the day's activities such as a long hike or a full day of climbing. I drink a protein shake on days I lift. I treat myself to a small thing of candy or ice cream once a week. I eat out nasty with friends once a week. I run and fast any time the mood strikes as a way to clear out the build up of toxins, so roughly speaking on days I feel...bloated? Oversaturated? It's hard to explain like any feeling but you know it when it happens. Basically that hangover feeling whether you drank or not.

I average 2500 calories a day with a focus on slow carbs and 40-60 grams of protein most days. I'm never sick and recover quickly from injury. I only take a multi if I feel I didn't get enough food that particular day.

My anecdotal advice is exercise if you can. It doesn't have to be the gym, just any outdoor activity. Walking might be fine but I need more than that personally. Get sunlight and calcium. If you're too busy, eat lunch outside, study in a field. I always make time to work out but I understand not everyone can but I think it should be a priority if your concern is being healthy.

Eat meat, most girls never eat enough red meat and are often iron deficient due to their unique, constant blood loss. Eat well with a focus on slow digesting carbs. Our brains are ADDled enough without the additional disadvantage of being starved of glucose. Stay hydrated. I find 3 liters a day is enough for me. Doesn't necessarily have to be straight water. I drink milk and coffee as well.

And perhaps most importantly proper sleep for an optimally functioning body. That last one in particular is my greatest struggle.

This is what I do now after years and years of tweaking and messing around. It serves me well.

06-08-16, 06:25 PM
I have the same problem. I drink at least two Ensure daily. I also do a lot of lifting and try to cut back on cardio. And keep my body hydrated with Gatorade. I just think it works better for people taking Adderall. Eating is very difficult for me, so I eat stuff like bread, avocados, crackers. Eat something that has a plain taste.