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09-06-09, 06:28 AM
Hi guys was just wondering if there's any particular type of music (or songs in particular) which you feel helps you concentrate best while studying. I heard that certain types of music such as classical and baroque help since they have whatever beats per min. Personally I feel that's nonsense since I find them way too slow.

09-06-09, 05:09 PM
for college algebra and my brain....
STAIND - For You, Fray
Disturbed - Deify, Voices
SOAD - Chop Suey, Aerials
RATM - Killing in the Name, Guerrilla Radio
and other groups like them

I dearly love classical music... just not for concentration though.

Whoa! I did it again... I posted in the teens & young adults section... gotta start reading the forum titles!
I'm not a teen or young adult (well... maybe in mind only... lol).

Disregard this old man's (49y.o.) post if you want :D

09-06-09, 05:31 PM
whatever it is - maybe something without lyrics?

10-23-09, 04:10 PM
I hate to say it but it's true: silence. Maybe because I'm a musician, I cannot just passively listen to music while studying. I do like to have some sort of constant sound. A fan, a HEPA filter, something like that. My thought is that any time you're listening to music, you're dividing your attention and taking it away from whatever else you're doing at the same time.

But maybe that's just me.

10-24-09, 03:34 AM
I'm going to add Sober by Tool, to my study music playlist... Awesome song!:D

10-24-09, 04:09 AM
Something slow and relaxing, like coldplay.

10-28-09, 03:50 AM

02-13-10, 12:32 AM
Whatever you do, don't listen to John Coltrane's Resolution from A Love Supreme. Woah, big mistake, makes your thoughts scatter like a.. well, you know what.

Listen to some blues, or some classical music. Some Bach, Beethoven or Strauss.