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09-06-09, 07:02 AM
First a bit of backstory:

I got myself a summer job driving a van on night-shifts whilst I'm waiting to go back to University to start my 2nd year (I'm retraining).
I drive from 03:00 to 09:00 and make approximately 40-50 drops throughout the course of the shift, I'm usually 'on time' for my drop-offs, which are the same every night, so the customers know pretty much when I'm going to arrive.

This morning, the HGV that brings the packages for distribution was an hour late. Therefore, I left the warehouse about an hour late also.
This 'knock-on' effect, resulted in all of my deliveries being an hour out also.

The first customer greeted me with; "What time do you call this?" to which I replied; "About ten past five".
He got angry, very quickly. I decided to ignore him and continued without entering into any extended dialogue with him.

It was only after about twenty minutes of driving and continuing my deliveries that I realised that he was being 'funny' with me, and not requesting the time...

Why did I not see that straight away? :confused:

Come to think about it, this happens quite a lot to me, and causes no end of trouble without actually meaning for it to occur.

Anyone else care to share any social faux-pas, that may or may not have landed you in a bit of an awkward situation?