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05-11-04, 06:13 PM
The comic is the copyright of Lynn Johnson productions. The story, however is mine.

summary: A new person causes problems in Michael and Deanna's relationship.

Chapter 1 Parts A -F

Michael sighed, as he blankly stared at his computer, trying to finish his latest assignment. Merideth, after some whining, stories, and playtime, had finally gone to sleep several hours earlier.

"Where could she be?" he muttered, looking at the clock, which indicated that it was already one in the morning. Finally, at two, Deanna arrived.

"Hi honey! Sorry I'm late! Things got complicated at the pharmacy. How is Merideth?"


"How are you?"

"so so..." In reality Michael felt a bit cranky and tired.

The next day, Deanna got a suprise call during her lunch hour.

"Hey beautiful guess where I'm at!"

She giggled. "Where?"

Before that conversation could go any further, it had to end as she saw one of her co-workers nearby.

After work, she called him on a pay phone.

" Ah...there you are.... how was work?"

"good....when can you meet?"

"Now would be can tell the old man that you worked late."

"Okay, but just for coffee."

Half an hour later, a man wearing a black goatee, and nice shirt sat accross from Deanna.

"It's great to see you!" he put his hand over hers.

"Any luck with finding gigs, Jim?"

"No.....we need another bass player." he answered. "For the sake of balance."

Meanwhile, Elly was in front of the very same establishment that Deanna and Jim were in, talking with a friend. The minute she came in, Deanna thought fast, and went to greet her.

"Elly! How are you?" She gave her mother in law a hug. "This is Jim! I've been trying to hire him, to play at Micheal's next birthday. We were trying to set prices"

"I see!" Elly totally trusted Deanna, though worried that hiring a band might be a bit too extravagant.

"Well, I practice, let me know. It was a pleasure to meet you all." Quickly he left.

"Unfortunatly, I'll have to go too..Not a word to Micheal!!"

"I understand"

Minutes later, they discretly went into her car, and went somewhere else.

"I can't believe you're roping me into playing for your old man's party!!" Jim told her.

"I'll just say that we couldn't agree on a price."

Before the conversation could continue, his cell phone rang.

"Alo'?" he answered. "I'll be there soon." he promised into the phone.

"Sorry, A friend of mine is feeling blah , and needs cheering up. You can come with me if you want."

"Sure!" she wanted to help if she could.

About half an hour later, they took some stairs, turned right, and stopped in front of a door bombarded with many pictures of musicians, the most prominent was a small version of the cover picture for Rubber soul. Jim knocked

"Who is it?" a bored, male bland voice called.


After some sighing, the guy opened the door, smelling as if showers had become a thing of the past. The green-dyed hair had a look of a nest from the extent of wild tangles. Shirts, pants, boxers, and other things were spread all over the floor.

"What's wrong, Mac?" Jim asked gently.

"I've lost it!"


"My....aura. I can't write music man!"

"You've just got writer's block, take a break. I'm sure even Lennon had his bouts."

"What do you have so far?" Deanna asked.

"Nothing but sh*t"

"Cool title man!" Jim joked, trying to cheer his friend up.

Mac smiled only a bit.

Jim started to strum his friend's guitar, doing mostly C chords. "Nothing but Sh*t! Nothing but Sh*t! It's what's on TV! It's what's in the crapper!Nothing but Sh*t!" He loved doing musical parodies and jokes.

After more parodies, and two episodes of Monty Python, Mac seemed better, and Deanna quietly excused herself to go home.

A few nights later, she attended a gig of Jim's at some little coffeehouse, which had a few old couches standing about, and some chairs with tables. Feeling safe, she took off her sunglasses.

"Deanna?" a familiar young voice called to her, it was April, wearing some casual clothes, and standing next to presumably, some friends. The young teenager could not have been more surprised.

"How are you April?" she greeted with an inward groan.

"I thought you decided not to hire any musicians." The subject had been discussed by April and her mother.

"I changed my mind again. As if you don't do that!"

After the show, April walked out to catch up with her friends, then she noticed Deanna and one of the band musicians kissing passionatly.

"Are you sure we're safe?" the grubby guy had asked.


After watching for two more seconds, a tear filled April, ran to join her friends. She did not want to deal with this. Wiping her tears, she caught up with them.

"You seem upset, April" Nina said. She had been the ride, and was the older sister of someone in the group.


"Okay..." Nina didn't want to push it.

"How was the show?" Elly asked April when the latter came in.

"Fine...." She went straight to her room. Elly sensed something was amiss; April did not seem like her usual self.

Once the young woman entered her room, she tried to think.

"Telling Mike would hurt him" she thought to herself. "Would he even believe me? How could Deanna do this???" Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Honey? " Elly said. "Are you okay?"

"...I ...fought with one of my friends...I'd rather not talk about it." April knew that making up another problem would get her mother off the trail.


After some thinking, she had an idea. It would stop things, yet not cause Mike deep hurt.

Some days later, Deanna got a letter in her office in box.


I am Jim's wife. I found out about your affair with him two weeks ago. I want to, for the sake of our eight children, try to patch up the marriage. If you don't break up, I'll tell your husband! I know where he works!"

After some thinking, she knew it was a fake. It had April written all over it. An upset spouse would not structure the letter in this way. Plus, Jim never showed the signs of being a married man. She could call him anytime,anywhere. She had to find a way to decrease April's trouble making abilities

Meanwhile, at school, the teacher's drone sounded like April worried about how it went with the letter. She had sent it via mail.

When she got home, after band practice, her mother looked at her with a scrowl.

"Why did you send this to Deanna?" Elly showed her a copy of the letter. "Just because you've got a crush on this Jim fellow ......"

"But mom....."

"She was just trying to hire him."


"No buts! You are grounded, and will apologize to Deanna!"

Sullenly April went to her room.