View Full Version : child with 3 years-speech disorder

09-08-09, 06:43 AM
My 3 year old son is termed as adhd.he hasnt started speaking yet.
can anyone pls help me?

Trooper Keith
09-08-09, 07:25 AM
With what, in particular? 3 is awfully young for an ADHD diagnosis. And also awfully late for speech development. You may want to have him evaluated for autism.

09-08-09, 12:00 PM
My 3 year old son is termed as adhd.he hasnt started speaking yet.
can anyone pls help me?

This could be of concern or it could be nothing but I would very much suggest a professional evaluation by someone who specializes in this age child and this type of issue. I also suggest that it needs to be done soon as reasonably possible so if there is an issue, it would not go on longer without the proper help.

The younger the better on something like this.


09-08-09, 03:51 PM
What type of professional diagnosed your child? What treatments were recommended?

09-13-09, 07:54 AM
my 3 year old has autism and turner syndrome, she has just started medicine for adhd. she has a speech delay but is getting better now that she started preK.

09-28-09, 12:11 PM
I have a 3 1/2 year old who has been diagnosed with ADHD and possibly Asperger's syndrome. He doesn't talk much. A few words here and there. He's on medication right now and I just don't feel right about any of it at all. I'm in the process of getting a 2nd opinion. The problem is, I can't seem to find another doctor in my area to see him at his young age. I would recommend seeing a specialist immediately! It could be just a speech issue or something more. The longer you wait, the wrose it could possibly get. Good luck!

09-28-09, 04:14 PM
Is your son receiving any services yet? When was he diagnosed, and was ADHD the only diagnosis? Has he had his hearing checked yet?

10-20-09, 05:36 PM
I was a 'slow to speak' kid. Had speech therapy because I was about 3 and a half before I begun even attempting to communicate using words.
Doctors told my parents that XYY boys were generally slow to develop normal communication skills/speak and had nothing to worry about, but to keep on with the speech therapist and encouragement.
They knew I had the ability to vocalise as they say I could emit a shrill scream when one of my older brothers knocked me over... so it was just about waiting to see what I would do really.

They got loads of different opinions though, so I would say to keep asking around, see what your Doc says, or get a referral to a developmental specialist maybe.

Don't worry though, you've still got a special little boy, and I'm sure he'll be fine.
I missed most of the development 'milestones' but generally caught up a few months after I was supposed to... I was quick to sit up/stand/walk but waaaay behind on things like face recognition and speech (later years reading and writing).

Take it easy, Logic.