View Full Version : Big price differance between large chain stores and small pharmacy.

09-09-09, 11:52 AM
So today is my prescription day. I went to duane reade this morning to pick my generic adderall. They normally charge me around a 100 bucks. Sadly the pharmacist told me they were out today. So I ended up walking around the area and popped into a small private pharmacy. Out of curiosity I inquired about their generic adderall price ( 60 x 10mg IR ). She said 35 bucks!!!!. Thats almost a 65 dollar difference. I was floored and bought them. Do you guys find that different places charge different prices?

P.S Could someone please correct my foolish grammar mistake in the title *difference*. Sorry about that.

09-09-09, 12:05 PM
My insurance is due to run out, and this makes me realize how important it is to shop around. That is a huge difference in price! Was it the same brand of generic too?