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09-09-09, 02:50 PM
I've got plenty of time (theoretically). I'm having a Pampered Chef show in early November. Just for fun, I don't get oodles of orders and stock up on tons of free stuff, just a few things.

The "theme" is a "get together, eat and do some early holiday shopping the easy way". Just a casual night out.

My house isn't exactly a pretty one. It's comfortable (for us), very lived in, very casual. I don't "decorate" per se, nothing matches. I don't need it to and I have ecclectic taste so I go with it.

I just want to have a clean, welcoming home when guests arrive. I would like to avoid people feeling uncomfortable because of my very casual house.

I thought I'd keep a "diary" of sorts here to keep track of my party-preparations, with any inspiration, ideas or kicks-in-the-butt I can get from all of you.

1. finish painting my bathroom (have to, half the wall paper is down, there's mildew on the ceiling)

2. den carpet. I have no idea what to do with this thing. We can't afford to replace it just now.

Rent-a-steamer might be the best use of money, because having it cleaned once before was about $150.

I have a cheap area-rug but it doesn't cover it all and isn't really nice itself.

I hate to sink money into this thing.

Maybe I can wash it by hand? What's the best to use? I got a lot of stains up after our dog came in having been sprayed by a skunk. H2O2, baking soda and Dawn dish liquid helped get the smell out.

3. Finish organizing the living room/school room. It is a jumble of stuff in there and I would really like to store it. It looks just awful.

That's the start. More to come. Don't mind me if I babble to myself a bit, it will help me keep track of what I'm doing...theoretically.

09-09-09, 02:57 PM
I really love Pampered Chef!!!! I got the oven stone, that steel vegetable grilling tray, oh, a bunch of other stuff!

It sounds like you are on track, with plenty of time, to get it done. You just want us to bug you to keep up with it? So that it doesn't all get pushed to the last minute?

09-09-09, 04:30 PM
That would work. I've had success before keeping track of things here. And you guys don't "bug" are inspirational. :D

09-09-09, 04:34 PM
I love pampered chef and have the stone bar pan. I use it to make brownies and with the store brand brownie mix and some addons like choc chips, nuts caramel etc, most people say my brownies are amazing. I just smile and say thanks :)

10-04-09, 07:33 AM
The stones are my favorite. They have froo-froo stuff now but I don't care about that. Anything I get is very practical and I have a couple of new stones on my wish list.

Progress report:
1. The living room is coming along nicely. I have several piles and boxes, I can see my fireplace mantle again. I've rearranged some furniture which opened it up a bit.

2. Still no idea what to do with the gross den rug.

3. All the wallpaper is down in the bathroom except for behind the wall fixture and under the cupboard.

- I have some mildew problems.
- There is cracking and peeling on walls and ceiling.
- The rubber "caulking" strip at the top of the shower needs to be replaced.
- The best way to cut down on my problems is to install a fan, but I don't know where it's supposed to blow the air to. I mean, is it supposed to go to a vent outside or just up into the ceiling space?

How do I fix the cracking and peeling? Which I'm guessing I should do before I paint or it's going to still look crappy with a pretty color. :confused:

Here I go to research.

10-04-09, 09:16 AM
for the rug: you could just get some inexpensive decorative "throw rugs" and put them on the most stained parts.
(no ideas for anything else)

10-04-09, 01:15 PM
EyeForgot, you could always have the party in the evening, center on the kitchen areas and one adjoining area for your party, and then "light" your bathrooms and other rooms with pretty candles if you can't get every nook of your home remodeled and refurbed as you would like for your party. Lighting with candles adds a nice ambience and with the dim warm lighting in those areas, your guests won't notice caulking, peeling paint, etc. :o

10-04-09, 09:00 PM

re: the rug: what's underneath the carpeting? is there wood, concrete, something else??

i'm going to suggest drastic measures. rip up the carpeting and throw it out. if there is wood you could buff and wax it. you'd be unbelievably fortunate to have this be the case, though. it's more likely concrete under there. if what's underneath isn't great, i say spend your $150 on an area rug(s) to cover it up in the short-term after eradicating the nasty rug.

if you let me know what's underneath i can give you more guidance--a photo would be optimal.

i *am* going to make this one admission, though, which directs my advice on this issue: i have major issues with materials that 'collect' and i avoid them whenever possible; e.g. carpeting, wicker, baskets of any sort--basically, things you can't plunge into hot water with proper detergents.

sounds like you're well on your way:) i have no idea what pampered chef is, but if it involves yummy food it must be fantastic!!

best wishes,

10-10-09, 03:08 PM
My living room is finally done. I have some touch-ups, but nothing major is left. Thank goodness! I had some real mental blocks in there, that's for sure.

Fraz- great idea, I'll go with candlelight.

Peri- sadly, what's under this rug is just plain plywood. And if what's under the carpet is as gross as what's on top I might need to replace that as well. Believe me, if it were hardwood like the rest of my house I'd take it up myself gladly.

Maybe bean bags. That'd be fun.

Next...bleach the bathroom. Mildew is everywhere.