View Full Version : Calcium Citrate lozenge and 10mg adderall

09-09-09, 06:27 PM
hi everyone, I have been reading lots of posts trying to get more information on this drug. I started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I was Dx-adhd, and I got prescribed 10mg every day. I have noticed that this drug is very tricky to learn to eat with and what to eat with it..
I didn't take mine until 1pm today, and was doing really great. I had read somewhere about magnesium to help with the tolerance.. Well, I couldn't find the recommended 'chelated mag' in the stores where I live. (are other ones just as good? like 'slow-mag')?
anyway, thats another question.
I was searching through my mother's medicine cabinet today and I found 'calcium citrate (chelated) with magnesium (probably around 10mg of mag).. It is in the form of a lozange and says to just let it dissolve til gone.. (I had the bright idea to take it to see what happened.) Well, I'm sitting there not really expecting anything, then my head starts feeling foggy. My eyes got all stuffy and heavy feeling.. I felt as if it 'made' me 'crash'. I haven't really experienced but one other crash before, and I felt like CRAP. It was so weird.. first I'm doing my thing, being all focused with energy, not hungry etc etc.. then the next minute my appetite is back full throttle, and I'm a sleepy, heavy feeling.. and confused, woman!
So. what gives? any one had this experience before? or is there something that makes someone feel that way, only a different medicine/drink/food.. etc??
I would love some feedback. thanks