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09-10-09, 02:21 PM
I have been on vyvanse for a couple of years and have had good and bad times with it. My question is I have always wondered what supplements I should take and when to take them. I have read alot about magnesium citrate, B6 and L - tyrosine. I went and picked all these up but have no idea when to take them (with meds, at night or morning). Also do I take them everyday or just on days I take meds or days I dont take meds.
Sorry but I am confused
Thanks in advance

09-10-09, 02:26 PM
First of all make sure to take a good diet, I will suggest you to consult with a doctor before taking any high magnesium citrate, B6 and L - tyrosine supplements. A DR can batter recommend you.

Good Luck..