View Full Version : 13th october...

09-13-09, 12:38 PM
seeing a cfs nurse 13th oct
wish me luck...

09-14-09, 09:35 PM
i hope they figure out what's going on, sarey. good luck! :)

09-15-09, 05:36 AM
GL Sarey ;)

09-15-09, 06:17 PM
best of luck, sarey:)

09-15-09, 06:38 PM
thanks appreciate it
seems im coming down with something flu-like
thanks health
i already have enough issues with my health :(

09-20-09, 11:36 PM
It is that time of year.

09-21-09, 09:40 PM
Hi Sarey, :)
I Hope all goes well for you and October 13th is a very Lucky day for you. :D


09-24-09, 01:34 PM
Wouldn't say it's a "lucky day" to be seeing a specialist...but I does hope it proves helpful somehow.

Anyway, date has been moved forward to next Tuesday at 5:30pm.

& It's not "that time of the year" yet. It will be. But not right now it is not. And I've been catching a lot of things this past year. My immune system is pretty compromised anyway, may be why.