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05-13-04, 03:21 AM
I'm 33 and recently got diagnosed with ADD. I've met with a psychiatrist who has me trying Adderall to see how that works.

I've actually done some serious reading about ADD both here and in some books that he recommended (go figure, I can actually sit through reading an ADD book!) I have found that so many of my personality "quirks" may be related to ADD, which is actually quite relieving.

I've printed out a list of typical issues for ADD people that I've got and that are affecting my life more than I'd like them to. I've also listed the minor ones that I can deal with. Is it a good idea to bring this list when I meet up with my doctor next week to help him get a better view of my situation? I figure it would be easier than me hoping to remember each issue and try to explain each one.

This way, he has sort of a checklist that he can have me expand on if he needs more info. Plus, unlike some ADD'ers, I enjoy making lists! (Probably has something to do with my obsessive traits too :D)

Good or bad idea?

Thanks for all the help. I know I may be posting some questions that may seem obvious to the veterans here, but you guys have been quite patient while I'm finding my way around here.

05-13-04, 03:42 AM
Good idea.

Prepare questions also. What I did was take the on-line tests and criteria and answer each in excruciating detail (this is killing me) and actually that is too much info for the doc so it's best to get your questions on a separate list. Most likeley you will be way over their head.

While you have energy, read this:
and make a list of questions as you peruse it. Don't believe every thing he says.

What is your diagnosis?

05-13-04, 07:50 AM
I'd say this is a good idea!

In fact, I'd like to see the list. Any way you can put it on the site?

05-13-04, 10:11 AM
Wow, am I opening myself up here! Oh well, it's not like you guys won't read this and agree with almost every issue! :p

This is just the rough draft - I'll sift through it before next week, but it's a start..

Things I'd like to "fix"
**·Intolerance of boredom / Restless without “action” in life
*·Hard time reading a book all the way through
*·Memos virtually impossible to write (e-mail too)
*·Chronic problem paying attention or staying tuned in
**Physical or cognitive restlessness
*·Trouble getting started on things
*·When reading, often have to reread a paragraph or an entire page because of daydreaming
*·Easily distracted
**·Hate waiting in line more than most people
*·Obsess over trivial things
**·Excessively impatient
If I need to do something, I need to do it yesterday
**·Feel driven, as if an engine inside won’t let you slow down / Always on the go, even when you don’t want to be / Hard time relaxing
**·In intimate relationships, inability to linger over conversations is an impediment
Takes effort to pay attention while someone is speaking and avoid beginning conversations because of effort it would take
**.Get very antsy waiting for anything
***·Feel like exploding inside when someone has trouble getting to the point
I wouldn't say "exploding," but I don’t have enough patience with stories that aren’t right to the point, including with my wife. Actually gets uncomfortable to try to sit through minor details of story leading up to the point, or listening to overly detailed stories
**·Often find that you have an itch that you cannot scratch, an appetite for something “more” and you’re not sure what it is
No matter what I get, always wonder, “what’s next.” If I buy a new guitar, etc. rather than enjoy it, immediately wonder what I can get next. Seem to enjoy the anticipation and excitement rather than the actual events.
**·Particularly restless

Things I can live with if I need to
·Tendency to scan the horizon looking for something to worry about
Sometimes – not a chronic worrier, but have negative outlook on many things. Overall a cynical person
·Drum fingers a lot, tap feet, fidget or pace
·Undertake many projects simultaneously so that life resembles a juggler
·Even though easily distracted, find that there are times when power of concentration is laser beam intense
If it’s something I’m thinking of buying or have a new interest in something, will research it into the ground.
·Change radio station in the car frequently
Almost impossible to even listen to song all the way through

·Hyperactive as a child
·Work best in short spurts
-Daydreamer in class
·Trouble accurately assessing the impact you have on others
·Get distracted during sex, even though you like it
·Obsessive / Compulsive behaviors
Check alarm clock over and over, etc.