View Full Version : I need recognising ADHD between Aspergers.

09-14-09, 06:02 PM
For myself actually. I've been diagnosed with ADHD but when I read about Asperger's Syndrome I see two things: 1) Some-many of the symptoms overlap. 2) Many of the "unique to ASP" symptoms I've seen here or other places mentioned with ADHD diagnoses with proper ADHD sounding theories as to why they happen related to the core deficits or somesuch.

Anyway, I know a lot about the diagnositic criteria for both, so what I'm really looking for is anyone with ASP or knows quite a bit about distinguishing them to ask me some pointed questions that they might be able to help with, etc?

P.S. Or some maxims even would do.

P.P.S. I'm also diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, so it's for me to qualitate whether my tics are Tourette's tics, OCD tics, OCB (was diagnosed with) tics, or "rituals/stimming" behaviour or ASP difficult.

09-17-09, 09:21 AM
I'm no expert, but have a son that was originally diagnosed as PDD which that has been reversed now, his new diag is ADHD (with some lingering ASD traits) and social anxiety.

He does not have tics or OCD...although running in the circles I have, I do know that Tourette-ers commonly have OCD and many have ASD traits.

Likewise with ADHD, it seems, I agree.

From my perspective, with absolutely no science behind it, I see it as a matter of degree.

Although, I think there are a couple things that you see only with a true ASD diag...but I could be wrong...

- introverted to the point of absolute exclusion of any social interaction (although this could be an extreme degree - I'm not sure) ... and because of this a complete 'inability' to look someone in the eye or acknowledge them in a natural way.

- repetative and pointless OCD...or seemingly so lining things up....could this be an extreme too?

- self harming...I don't think this is seen with Tourettes or ADHD...I might be wrong though.

I don't think we see these things with a aspergers diag though.

I have often questioned the difference between my son's current diag and aspergers...would be a good question for the doc, eh? Or perhaps someone here can comment. My guess would be that he does enjoy socializing, just has real angst at first/second meetings...that might be it???

Good question.