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09-15-09, 06:33 PM
Background Info:
I am a current sophomore in college and was just prescribed adderall at the start of this semester. I have always wanted it, but did not really need it in high school b/c I was able to get good grades with little effort. My freshman year I also did very well in school, but my life was crazy. I would procrastinate all day (literally walk from one group of friends to another, getting NOTHING done), party at night, and let things just build up until I finally FORCED myself into starting because if I did not I wouldn't get the assignment done. It was really stressful. I ended up leaving that school and moved to a school with a much more laid back social scene. I also got prescribed adderall.

Getting the Prescription:
So I expected to get an in depth type of thing, but basically I talked to my pysch and told her about my hectic life, my concerns, and my past expierences with adderall (bought it a lot to pull all nighters my freshman year). Now when I bought adderall, I would want it to effect me for as long as possible so I always bought 30mg XRs b/c I had so much to get done. So I told the physch this (left out all nighter details) and since it had been the most successful in the past I was prescribed 30mg XR's.

Current thoughts and concerns:
Well after I started to take adderall as it should be (not to pull all nighters) I immediately noticed its benefits, but the 30mg XR was a little much so I got another prescription of 15mg IRs. This gave me more control of adderalls effects. Now the benefits are undeniable for me, I have been studying during the day (NEVER happened once last year), room stays cleaner, I make more quality meals, work out more consistantly, and my life is just more balanced and manageable. This also has a ton to do w/ my change of environment though (moving away from party school I attended as a freshman). I have always been a smart guy, but I do feel I have had "mild" ADD all my life and coupled with a lack of discipline its really easy for me to get off track. So far the adderall has helped me be more disciplined as well as focus and stay focused. The 30mg XR last 6-8 hours and the 15mg IR last 3-4 hours, but I normally break those in half.

My biggest concern is becoming addicted or dependent on adderall. I have been succesful up to this point without adderall and I KNOW I could get the things accomplished without adderall, but its just not a battle worth fighting for me. I guess my issue is, I have mild ADD and want to make sure I am not abusing or taking an unessary amount of adderall. This concern is also related to how easy I got my prescription--even though I was honest it seems like I could have lied to get it. Maybe I am not giving my psych enough credit though, and he gives me a lot of freedom with my prescription, encouraging me to find what is the best dosage and I just want to make sure I will look back and say adderall helped me verses messed me up.

But for instance today...I got up at 8 and took a 30 mg XR at 8:15. I went to classes and came back home, ate lunch, and starting studying at 2 ish. I couldn't really focus though and kept having to reread sentaces, nothing was clicking and then I took half a 15 mg IR. BOOM, no problem, breezed through the chapter. I don't know, I just got the prescription and I am seeing such great results its concerning me haha. I normally don't take the XR's and just take a 15mg IR or half when I study. Normally don't take it to get through class (I can take notes in class fine, I am my biggest distracter so I need adderall the most when I am studying on my own), and I try not to take it on the weekends unless I am studying.

I definately get a sense of mild eurphoria on adderall (especially the 30 mg XR at its peak, might need to drop this to a 20 or so?). When I am reading sometimes my head will be feeling abnormal, thoughts a little fast, moving from topic to topic quickly but still I feel like I am retaining information, etc. I really don't care if the eurphoria goes away, as long as my mind stays sharp and focused when I am reading. Is the sense of eurphoria a sign to lower dosages though? Like I said I have just been on this for two weeks, and I have never felt like I needed it, just that it would always help. Well now I have it, and am concerned with how much help is to much help.

Lastly, its really hard for me to judge the duration of its effects. I dont really expiernece a comedown, just lose that mental sharpness (like when my XR wore off today). Well its obviously still working on me becuase i just typed a super long post, sorry for that! But I am going to do some more HW till it wears off.

09-19-09, 12:38 AM
Hi,and welcome to the forums.

I don't have your answer.
I hope someone with experience will hop on here.
In the mean time,there is a lot of talk about generic adderall, specifically the time release kind.
You might want to do some searches here.

09-19-09, 01:02 PM
I myself have just been prescribed Adderall XR 20mg 2x day for hypersomnia. I strongly believe that I have some form of ADHD, but I am still going through the diagnosis process for that. Thankfully, the meds for ADHD are more or less the same meds that are prescribed for those with narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness, so I'm killing two birds with the one med. Ritalin and Provigil did not help either my fatigue or my concentration, so Adderall was the logical choice.

I am a sophomore in college as well, so we probably have a bit in common, at least with regard to the sort of environment we're in and the kind of obligations that we have to keep up with. I've done a fair amount of research, but I'm obviously not a doctor. You can take my comments for what you think their worth.

It's my understanding that when it comes to stimulant drugs, the highest risk for abuse and dependence comes with improper use. You're definitely doing the right thing by taking the Adderall as it is prescribed. I doubt you would ever do such a thing, but snorting or injecting any of the stimulants is a recipe for a whole lot of trouble. It already looks like you know that these drugs aren't meant to allow you to stay up all night and what not.

It sounds like Adderall is definitely doing good things for you. Dosing, though, is tricky with the stimulants. Euphoria is one of the effects that you should seek to avoid if you want to use the stimulant properly. It's generally agreed that you should take the smallest dose that works to a satisfactory level. I would talk to the psychiatrist and consider lowering your dose. 30mg is the largest XR dosage available. 20mg or 25mg might be enough to help your concentration but hopefully not enough to send you into a euphoric state.

Additionally, with the way that you describe taking both the XR and the IR, it is possible that the peak of the XR coincided with the point when the IR hit you, resulting in too much stimulation. If I recall correctly, about eight hours after ingestion, the active components of the Adderall XR reach their peak in your blood. That would be around 4 PM with your schedule; if you took the IR at ~2-3 PM, you would almost certainly be in the prime of its effects at that time as well.

You should do as much research as you can and then talk to your psychiatrist, who seems to be open to your input, which is a very good thing.

Feel free to PM me if you like. I hope I've helped some. Best of luck to you!

09-19-09, 11:10 PM
In regards to your worries about dependence on Adderall, (and I am adding a disclaimer here: Each person is different) I suddenly stopped taking my Adderall in high school and did not experience withdrawal symptoms or anything except a return to the attention state that I was in when not with an active dose.

I have a similar story to yours, have been able to get by without medication, but never all that satisfactory. All-nighters combined with caffeine (great stimulant-self treatment without thinking about it), always skipping small assignments because they bored me...

Thank God I am smart because I don't think I would be where I am if I had ADHD and an average IQ.

I am seeing my psychiatrist over fall break to see about getting a Rx for Adderall (or something). I have been self treating with psuedoephedrine (allergy pills [stimulants]) for the last 2 weeks and have seen such amazing improvement that I want to try meds again.