View Full Version : Neuropathy?

09-18-09, 11:28 AM
Can ADD medication cause neuropathy? What about stress? I thought I had a minor case of inflammatory ulnar neuropathy over the summer, but it's now a month into school, and the left half of my left hand is mostly numb. I don't know if I have Carp. Tun. or what now.

09-18-09, 11:44 AM
I am not sure what's causing this - more likely its related to what you are doing then the ADD medication- but I am sure that you should contact your Doctor about this and get some answers from him and a course of action to treat this. That's my best advice for you :)

09-24-09, 09:34 PM
Have you had an EMG and NCS (nerve conduction study) ?

N.B. 'Carpal Tunnel' neuropathy is the Median Nerve (thumb, first 2.5 fingers) , not the Ulnar Nerve. Yours sounds like Cubital Tunnel (pinky).

Could be trigger points causing this too.

09-28-09, 08:12 PM
hmm. It is mainly my pinky and ring finger. The farther from my pinky, the less the numbness and occasional prickling associated. Though the pad of my palm, along the far edge is somewhat numb too. Not so much of a problem, except the rare cases of reaching into a tool bag someone haphazardly placed precision drivers head up, or having to watch for paper/other cuts. Unfortunately, the condition isn't getting any worse (or better, on the flip side) and isn't bad enough to deal with atm- too many other issues. lol. Thanks for the information though- glad to hear I can continue using a keyboard- otherwise my education may be for naught. I've started using a pillow when placing weight on that elbow, and broken my habit/tendency to lean my face on my open hand- I read heavy/consistent torsion on the wrist can be problematic too.