View Full Version : Valium 15mg/day to Klonopin

09-20-09, 09:25 PM
My pdoc on Thursday wanted to switch me from the Valium I'm currently on to Klonopin (don't know the dosage). Can he do that safely? I was skeptical so I said not to but if it's safe i might take him up on the "offer" because according to him it might work better for my panic attacks.

09-24-09, 12:00 PM
Yes they can safely be switched. Xanax is the only benzo that typically gives long term users problems when trying to switch.

As for the conversion from Valium to Klonopin...... 20mg of Valium = 1mg of Klonopin so you'd be around the .75mg of Klonopin dose to be equal.

Klonopin is a great medication.