View Full Version : Monday 9/21/09 GFC Results Thread

09-21-09, 10:15 AM
Well, I haven't been doing so very well. I don't have an excuse, just been really bad. Can't shake the sugar-bingeing and it's making me crazy, then I feel like a yucky blob and don't get out and move. Gotta gotta gotta stop that!

9/14 - walked ~2 miles
9/15 - ran intervals ~1.5 miles
9/16 - ran intervals ~2.25 miles
9/17 - walked ~3 miles

Hmmm, that's certainly better than nothing. Actually, I guess it could have been waaaaaay worse. I just need to make sure I get out there this week!

07-28-10, 12:13 PM
Hey Dorie,

Does sugar make you not exercise/walk/run? Interesting!

I ate half a white roll (with some sugar) and some homemade icecream (with some sugar I think too) and can't seem to get of my ----??

YAY for walking and running!!