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09-21-09, 06:21 PM
i currently take Provigil 200mg twice a day in addition to my vyvanse dose of 70 in the am and 50 around 2-4 pm. i like it it helps my focus (i'm a college student who has real trouble staying on task with homework, time management, organization, and studying outside of class). my insurance is super good (i get all meds for 20$ per month) so it doesn't matter that this drug is so expensive. it really seems to make my focus and drive to complete tasks much stronger than just vyvanse or adderall xr (what i took before vyanse).
i also like that it isn't necessary to take it every day. i take it on school days and on days where it is important for me to be attentive. there isn't any withdrawal that i can notice when i don't take it.
according to my dr it works on a different chemical center (not dopamine) in the brain (histamines?).
i know a lot of people can't get it because it is super expensive. on my old insurance it was ~$180 for a two week supply compared to $60 for a 3 month supply of vyvanse or adderall xr.
anyway, i was curious about other people's feelings regarding provigil for add treatment and supplementing vyanse / adderall xr with provigil. anybody else think it works really well for them with no real side effects?

09-21-09, 10:23 PM

I started on 200 mg of Provigil. It worked wonders. My dr now just uped my dosage to 400mg. I have heard that Provigil is expensive, but I am lucky that I pay around what you pay. I have not had any side effects what-so-ever. I take Provigil every day, no matter what. I do not take anything like a adderall or vyance, but I do take 300mg of Welbutrin (Welbutrin is also known to help with ADD symptoms). I would not trade Provigil. Period!I have heard of a new drug that is called NewVigil. I am not sure if has already come out or it is ready to come out, but it is suppose to be good just like Provigil.

09-21-09, 11:46 PM
Provigil for me will cost $180 - $250 / mo. I could get some samples from my dr.. but at the same time im afraid to. I hear its an amazing non stimulant "wakefulness" medication. I dont want to know what i cant afford.

Unfortunately im not too fond of what the company is doing with it.. (i mean. sure.. its a common strategy and all companies are doing it.. ). I suppose the patten was 'suppose' to run out a few years ago.. but they found a loophole, and had the patten extended until 2012. So likely no generics for Provigil will come out until then or maybe just immediately sooner.

Whats better is that.. (this is just ode, to the pharmaceutical industry, capitalism at its finest..), as Provigil is a 2 active isomer drug... (you only need 1 isomer for a drug to work.. ) they took 1 isomer out, this changed it into an Extended Release version of Provigil.

Enter Nuvigil. Their hopes in Nuvigil is that all of the Provigil patients would be loyal to the drug theyve been on, go to Nuvigil.. and hopefully forget that a generic for Provigil which would cost a fraction of what Provigil costs.. would be available.

God i love not being able to afford Insurance =)