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09-22-09, 10:32 AM
I suppose this is an interesting board, as we're not grouped by hobbies or interests, simply by a condition, and a condition which can either lead you to hyperactivity or inattention, haha so I would imagine we're quite the group. But you know, people every day go about their lives thinking and feeling like they're just not right. Like something about them is incomplete, or broken, or just downright wrong. I know how that feels, and I am now, as I will likely always be, struggling with those feelings. But I do know that some people can't quite get out of that bad thought loop on their own. So if anyone is interested in having a little discussion group somewhere, that'd be awesome. Talk about ADD and your life, things you've found to help, or just some words of comfort to a fellow human in need. I live in Henderson, off the 95 around College Drive, so if anyone in the Vegas valley would be interested, feel free to start discussing it! It doesn't have to be big, it could be just meeting at a coffee shop, or using a room at CSN on the weekend.

09-22-09, 12:39 PM

....there are more of you just waiting in Henderson for someone to put a group together.