View Full Version : I need of a good Doc in Sioux Falls

09-22-09, 10:59 AM
I am at my witt's end.

I need to find a knowledgable doc that I can seek out in Sioux Falls.

I have been bouncing between Interns and I dont think I am getting the help that I need.

Great example, I called in for a med refill since I ran out on Monday for my Adderall and the Doc I am seeing said they wouldnt fill the script untill they can see me so I will be going for a full week with out any meds.

The previous doc before that took me off everything and put me on Vyvanse to see if it would last longer which it did, but completly screwed up my mood and made me very angry and I would fly off the handle about the littlest thing. When I called to tell them to switch me back they refused and said I would have to wait until my next appointment that was a month out!

Is this normal?

If anyone knows of a good doc that knows how to deal with adult ADHD I would really like their name!