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09-23-09, 09:32 AM
New to this forum. I have 9 y.o son who's not on meds. We've been managing so far w/classroom support and excellent teachers but he's starting to drown in 4th grade. Has anyone tried Vaxa Attend supplement. I'd like any feedback, negative or positive.


09-23-09, 11:18 AM
I dont think anyone here will endorse any herbal supplement. There are no clinical trials that show whether or not they work. Plus, that supplement is a "homeopathic" medicine. I dont believe that one or two molecules of some compound can cure anything. There are also a mixture of amino acids and vitamins in that med. It is your money, but realize that the supplement industry in this country is almost completely unregulated. Thus, we occasionally have problems like the recent Hydroxycut recall due to multiple cases of liver failure.

Plus, the Vaxa websites description of what causes ADHD is a bunch of psuedo science.

4th grade is usually a big jump from 3rd grade. Good luck in finding a solution for your son.

09-28-09, 10:09 AM
I have used Attend and so have some of my nephews, nieces, and cousins. Some have had great results, others have had decent results. You'll find that with anything results are subjective to the individual. I am also very pationate about alternative products as I have seen them change people's lives. I also get very irritated by people who make comments who clearly have no understanding of FDA regulations that help muddy the water and put a bad spin on the industry.

First, homeopathics are regulated by the FDA and are also classified as drugs in the United States. Visit for more information regarding homeopathic FDA regulation.
Secondly, making statements "there are no clinical trials" is really very interesting when one looks and applies some thought and digging to see the truth. Clinical trials cost millions and in some cases billions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry can afford to spend these amounts of money for several reason. A) they are afforded patent protection making them the sole owners of the drug. B) this protection lasts 20 years in which time they C) recover all of there "lost" captial and then a whole lot more. Natural products are not afforded this type of protection. One can spend millions of dollars and basically they will loose every cent. Furthermore when a natural, or alternative product "proves" itself it is quickly reclassifed as a pharmaceutical and removed form the category of alternative. Don't believe me, look up Red Yeast Rice and Lovastatin. Minute Red Yeast rice proved itself the active ingredient which was lovastatin was snatched up by big pharma.
Third, all the recalls over hydroxycut and other alternative products is a joke. Look up the preported number of cases, 23 by the way. Gee when one considers that more people die in one week of tylenol overdoses than that, you start to see the hypocrisy that is applied. Also when the FDA can take Cheerios to court over the "drug claim" that it can "Help to lower cholesterol" you know we are in trouble.
Fourth, I have seen some people say on other forums that products like Attend don't tell you the quantities of the other ingredients and so it is deceptive. Again, one need to look at the rules governing them. on the link regarding FDA regulation and homeopathy, definition #2 states "2. Homeopathic Drug: Any drug labeled as being homeopathic which is listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), an addendum to it, or its supplements. The potencies of homeopathic drugs are specified in terms of dilution, i.e., 1x (1/10 dilution), 2x (1/100 dilution), etc. Homeopathic drug products must contain diluents commonly used in homeopathic pharmaceutics. Drug products containing homeopathic ingredients in combination with non-homeopathic active ingredients are not homeopathic drug products." When one also understands that, according to the FDA, anytime an ingredient is listed by Mg it is considered an active ingredient. Therefore companies that make combo homeopathics can't list this information publicly; it's against the law.

The bottom line here is that YOU have to do your own research, which it appears you have started; remember to always ask questions. I started my quest when I was placed on antidepressants after my wife and I miscarried our first child. I began to see beyond the hype and realize that my health was my responsibility. What appears on the surface to be real is in fact not when it comes to pharmaceutical medications. Did you know most "clinical trials" involve a couple of dozen people and only span 4 to 6 weeks? Interesting when you think that most people are placed on drugs for life, or at least for periods exceeding 4 to 6 weeks. how can something tested for a short time show itself safe when taken for years like Ritalin?
Attend is a great product in my book, and I will endorse it.

09-30-09, 03:14 PM
Thanks for the input Seth. While I am generally skeptical of people with only one post. (you probably found the site searching Google for Attend, so you probably have some interest of the success of the product) However, you did provide some good logic as to the problems with "Natural" products. The big problem remains in that there is a lot of crop out there with "natural" products, and there really is no way to know if anything is safe or effective. Plus, you generally take these products for years or even as a minimum the 4-6 weeks that you talk about with "Real" drugs. How do you know if they are safe?