View Full Version : I don't want to exercise!

09-25-09, 04:34 AM
Any tips on motivation?

I keep reading that exercise and a good diet are meant to help with the tiredness and lack of concentration I always feel. Yet how does one that has trouble being motivated to do just about anything find the motivation to do her least favourite task in the world: exercise?

09-25-09, 05:49 AM
I have the same problem. It is always a bit of a catch 22 because the only way to get the motivation is after you start doing it and it feels good. Once you are in action you will gain more energy, feel better, and feel motivated to keep getting in action.

I guess the best way to start is to start slow and start easy. If you are starting at zero (with a very cold engine), it's going to take a while to warm up your body to want to move a lot again. You will mentally feel de-motivated if you think about going from the comfort and least resistance of being completely sedentary to starting intense 1hr exercise sessions 3-5 days a week. The thought of it can be just overwhelming.

Start with whatever is easiest, but is more movement then you have been doing, then when that feels too easy, add more to it.

That could be taking a 5-10 min. walk around the neighborhood everyday. Then maybe a couple of times a day. Then maybe add 5-10 of lifting light dumbells or trying to do a few pushups or lunges. A bit of stretching, etc. I would stay away from trying to "schedule" anything or pre-determining what you are going to do or how long. Once your body is used to more movement again and you start to feel better from that (it doesn't take much when your senditary) - then you will start to feel motivation to do more and can start planning actual routines or more interesting activities. It is true what they say - a body in rest tends to stay in rest, and a body in motion tends to want to stay in motion... good luck!

07-27-10, 10:52 AM
Ohh, I want to know this too!! :)

I've posted in several other threads about this, before I found this one! :)
Motivation is a biggie for me too, yes...

It used to be so self-evident to just go with the neighbours' doggie (but he is too uncontrolled and I don't dare to now that I've had some back problems a few years ago..) I think it's best to have a buddy or a dog, or an errand to run/real thing to attend to... not sure how to go about it otherwise?

(especially in a small town where people may look at you odd, though some go run/jog these days too, possibly at different times than I would, ideally.. And I'm a bit embarassed to go with them or even ask, cause I don't know them so well.. Also, if I run/exercise in the evening, it may be even worse to try to get to sleep - too much energy.. So going for a walk mid-day or in the morning would be ideal.. With the heat though, hmm?)

I've had bouts of extreme motivation and inspiration for exercise, not sure how to get it back?? (One thing that helped was when my back hurt if I didn't go for a walk, lol!! Now it's been well and I just wasn't motivated-? hm, I wonder if it's connected with eating less protein too? Proteins make me 'up'n'go' and want to do muscle-building exercises and such!!

Maybe I just need to remember why I stopped in the first place and then do something about it?

07-27-10, 10:56 AM
Don't "exercise."

Just get up and go for a walk. Or take a ride on a bike.

Exercise is a scary concept because it automatically implies EVERY DAY, MORE AND MORE, blah blah blah, goals and the possibility of failure.

Pah on EXERCISE. Just move around.

Now If I could only take my own advice! hahahaha :rolleyes:

Actually I did go out for 2 half hour walks yesterday and it was really nice.

07-28-10, 12:08 PM
lol I went for a walk right after posting on this board yesterday and it was lovely.

The way to the walk was rocky though. I counted the obstacles:
* hungry: what to eat? - egg: more protein, this should make me be more 'up'n'go' too.. it sort of did
* what to wear?
- footwear (my feet are somewhat, uhm, exquisite so it's not so self-evident. I have lovely spring/autumn shoes for walking, for summer, not so ideal..)
- clothes (had to battle with the closet which I still didn't declutter, to get to it first lol!)
- purpose and direction (I decided to go to town for a brief errand, which I had been putting off for a month)
- weather: (at least it seemed cool enough) should I take an umbrella or not? In the end I didn't.

Enter street: a neighbour gave me an odd look, and another two did as well (was I wearing something iffy?) Oops, chocolate stain! - They couldn't have seen that, could they? I reposition purse just in case..

Our little town is MUCH more conscious of everything one does or doesn't do, and it's iffy to meet political figures in the street too, especially if one wishes to do any eco projects or such.. (and has been ADD-ish about it??)
Am embarassed to glance past the playground where some hot guys are (one of them my sis has been for drinks with - which one??) Let's go straight ahead--

Trash in the street - yikes, why hadn't I brought a bag? (Really annoyed about the trash, sigh..)

At town - Oops, it looks like it's going to rain, enter shop: what shall I buy (if anything?) Is it healthy to eat ice-cream after a nice healthy walk?? (Plus shop-bought isn't zero waste..) Chat with a relative..
On the way back, chat with a lovely older acquaintance, on book-writing of all things.
Inspired to write book again when I come home. Laughing at my antics and editing Chapter One and Two.

Now why can't I make myself go for a walk today yet??