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09-25-09, 01:22 PM
My doc just prescribed me Ambien...

Anyone have experiences with this & opinions on it? Curious.

I'll take one tonight & see how it goes.

(I have heard some stories of not recalling events happening whilst under the influence of it?


09-25-09, 06:55 PM
I have taken Ambien for a few years. It really puts me to sleep fast. And there's no fog the next morning. But, it doesn't guarantee a full nights sleep. I guess it depends on how severe your insomnia is. For lots of folks Ambien does the trick. YMMV.

I take it occasionaly, if I want to go to sleep fast. I very rarely take a full pill (12mg?). Usually I bite off half a pill or less. But, I rely on it for getting to sleep, not staying asleep. I take Seroquel to keep me asleep (also for bipolor leveling) .

Also, My docs (pdoc and family doc) have shared that they worry about the crazy sleepwalking reports when they prescribe Ambien.

Hope this helps, good luck, hope it works for you. Insomnia sucks.

09-25-09, 07:36 PM
hi sarey!

I take Ambien. I don't take it every night, because you can get rebound insomnia (when you stop taking it, you get insomnia)

I take it about every other night and don't have issues with rebound insomnia.
I like how fast it can zonk me out. When I first started taking it, I had morning headaches just a couple times (easy to konk out with ibuprofen).

My doc told me to not take it at night with foods that have a lot of fat in them. I found it worked better when I took it with an empty (or nearly empty) stomach.

I hope it works well for you, sarey! Let us know what you think about it tomorrow, after you take it.

09-25-09, 07:55 PM
PS. if my phone rings and it wakes me up (after having taken Ambien) I do not remember most of the conversation.
If it happens after I take Ambien, but before I fall asleep I can remember the conversation.

09-26-09, 02:52 AM
Well, I fell asleep.
I think I woke up a few times which is better than like, lots and lots of times.

09-26-09, 02:57 AM
that's good, sarey! I hope tonight is even better.

09-26-09, 06:30 AM
*nods nods*
I hope so too!

09-26-09, 07:00 AM
hi sarey,

my second psychiatrist (of three) prescribed ambien for me on the first visit because he thought perhaps my adhd medication would prohibit sleep--although, somehow, it does not...

anyway, i only took it twice because my experience was that i *did* get knocked out rather quickly, but (6-8 hours later) i would wake up and feel like i hadn't really rested, if that makes sense. i was unconscious, but felt i hadn't reached that level of sleep where you rejuvenate. somehow, it made me feel not tired or groggy, but more like i was a legitimate insomniac because i wasn't recharged.

i have known others taking ambien and they use it as needed and without incident. from my extremely limited experience with it, and knowing others taking it, it seems very useful for those who do have disordered sleep, and relatively innocuous.

it sounds like you are having a positive response since it allows you to sleep more peacefully. from what i've read in some of your other posts i hope you continue to find the ambien helpful as i'm sure that consistently getting a good night's sleep will be a welcome relief.

best wishes and best of luck:)

09-26-09, 11:42 AM
I'm always fatigued due to possible CFS/M.E &other symptoms going on that may well be related to the CFS/M.E, but I do have trouble sleeping, and I didn't wake up as many times as I usually do, and it got me off to sleep quite quickly.

10-25-09, 06:28 PM
I took ambien but only for a short period of time, in the warnings it says if you are at risk for depression you should let your doctor know or it might not be safe for you to take it or whatever.
I know they say that alot for many meds meant FOR people that have depression of anxiety but this time I wish I had done more research.

At first it did help me fall asleep but the quality was not very good. Then I began getting really sick, Only half sleeping and talking in my sleep (this is not normal behvior for me). I just felt groggy and weird, so groggy I cant even remember all the side effects I had while I was taking it lol. Then I ended up having insomnia, unable to sleep, vertigo, throwing up, and horrible nausea. I was living in misery for thee days and thats after I had already stopped taking it. It took awhile for the symptoms to go away.

From what I read Ambien shouldnt be taken for more than four or five weeks unless your doctor says otherwise. So imo it sounds like it's sort of a drug that is meant for you to just get you back on track, to a more normal sleeping schedule but if you are taking drugs that are keeping you from sleeping and you HAVE to take these drugs for your sanity well then thats another story.
Also at the it says that Ambien should not be given to people under the age of 18.

I am not the type of person who personally has a shatty experience and gets up on their high horse soapbox and shouts to the heavens about a drug being "evil". So for me this stuff was yucky. I did really have high hopes for it.

From what Ive read on boards Psychiatrists give this drug to A LOT of their patients. I admit I was surprised, but that's good it must mean it works for a lot of people right?

Lol I remember watching a talk show and Steve Martin said he won tons of money gambling on the internet while on Ambien lol.

03-02-10, 12:57 AM
ambein works great for me. i would recommend taking it right before you close your eyes and try to limit the activities in which you will need to remember the next day. for me, it seems anything i do after i take the pill i forget about the next day and have no recollection of the events.

best of luck, you will probably enjoy the sleep as this drug is powerful