View Full Version : Help with Homework while studying.

09-25-09, 01:48 PM
Hello Guys/Girls,

I am studying for my exam which is on Monday and I would like a tip that I do to keep me focus and interested while I study.

I bought many colors of pen and if I want to distinguish meanings or material I just use a different color! Please do not go on the extreme and take 1000 different colors. I just got 4 and works pretty good.

Let me know if this works. By the way, when I started using this technic my performance increased significantly.

I hope you all well.

Sweet hugs,


09-25-09, 10:30 PM
Another method is to have regularly metered (typically in 2/2 or 4/4) music playing in the background. For me, I listen to an artist named Kevin Kern, it is simple piano music with some accentuating synthed strings in the background. Other people's preferences may be different.

Never listen to music with lyrics while studying. You will start listening to the words simply because they are words. You want it to be more of a relaxer than the main show.