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05-15-04, 09:17 AM
I know there are alot of people who do not agree with weight loss surgury. But i am so morbidly overweight, even if i really dont look like it. I have topped over 310 now and i cant seem to lose it and i have been trying to exercise i have started walking...been doing that for last week or so. and i have stopped eating....only eating salads, veggies, fresh fruit, and chicken. in proportions of course. and nothing. so i have looked into having this surgury. i know alot of people who have had it done and dont regret the decision for a second. i know there are risks but there are risks with being morbidly overweight too. and i am just tired of having such pain in my back and hips and ankles from carrying around so much excess weight. there is a 1% chance of dieing on the table with this surgury and a 30% chance of developing some sort of heart disease or fatal disease caused by obesity. you see i have done alot of research on this and i know what i am getting into.....i guess i a babbling....but i am here asking for support from my friends about this decision as i dont have my families support....they seem to think i am just lazy and not even trying. anyhow i hope to see some input as this is a life altering decision and i do want some input on it....thanks ever so much...


05-15-04, 11:04 PM

I'll support whatever decision you make; BUT, I would also like to tell you about my mother who topped the scales at 315. Two years ago my mother had a heart attack she was very overweight which your right is not healthy at all. She started on a low calorie diet (basically eating only what diabetics could eat) and an excercise program starting very slowly of course. She is now down to 125 the perfect weight for her body structure. Joyce you did not gain this weight in a few months it's going to take at least a year to get were you'd like to be. But, thru hard work and persistance you can do it.

Like I said...I'll support you it's just so hard for me to support this decision when I have just watched one of my dearest friend's almost lose her life and go thru pure hell. Please, if you do go thru with it all I ask is that you do your homework and get a very good doctor.

The ball is in your court, the decision is yours...I got yer back
love ya

05-15-04, 11:54 PM
I have a cousin that had weight loss surgery awhile back & she is doing really well. She has a lot more self esteem.

It does take a long period of time to put the weight on & it will take a long time to take it off.

Personally... I believe in a good diet and excercise. I just think it is healthier for the body.

Love ya, Joyce


05-16-04, 12:40 AM
Kat, how long have you tried the diets for?

I have a dear friend that just worries me. She is food crazy. (I can relate) She can hardly walk a block without wheezing. She moves so slow. She is so talented at so many things. Someone asked her, is there anything you can't do? Her reply was, yes, I can't stick to a diet!

I agree with the above posts about how long it took to get obese.

I have a friend who did the stomach staples. She is doing great.

I am Not at all knowlegable in weight loss, I have never stuck to a diet very long. But.. since I am on a JUICe fast I thought I'd mention this..
You might want to read up on juice fasting, you don't hardly loose weight fasting in the way I am, but your stomach shrinks and therefor you cannot comfortably put so much in it, Once you begin eating. Plus you have to becareful how you go off it. I am probably getting more vitamins than usual as I am doing some great juices, I am getting protien and my body isn't overloaded with digestion issues. I also feel great during and after.

05-16-04, 06:57 AM
JB, I haven't ever heard of the Juice Fast... can you give more info please?:cool:

And Joyce, Good Luck with whatever you choose.

Vickie :frog:

05-16-04, 07:34 AM
thanks everyone....i have spent the last 5 yrs trying to get weight wasnt so bad when i was 225-250 i could still DO things that i enjoyed like exercise or play with my kids or go dancing. Believe me i am doing all sorts of research and am trying to find a doctor and hospital that will do it that i trust and has never had anyone die from this....low mortality rate is key from everything i have sounds eeriey but anyhow.

i will keep everyone posted and i will make sure it is something that i really think that will work for me....most people i have talked to have had to lose a few pounds on thier own before the surgury. anyhow i will keep in touch

05-16-04, 08:01 AM
I wish you ALL the luck in the world.


05-17-04, 04:09 AM

I saw a documentary on Discovery Health about the Bariatric Gastointestinal Bypass Surgery. I was totally amazed at the outcome of the sucess stories of this surgeries. But they had to be prepared and it is a total change in lifestyle and eating habits once the surgery is done.

I also have a friend of mine who had her stomach stapled. Well, not to scare you, the staples came loose and she became ill. They had to go back and do surgery again to repair what had torn. She is not down to a great weight and looks wonderful.

I totally support you on what you want to do and we want you healthy.

But if I may ask one thing......there is a book called "Stop the Insanity" by Susan Powter which is now out of print, but can be purchased on Amazon. I will post the link. Her story is amazing and if you can, take the time and read the book and to let you know, it all started with a short walk for her. I even have a few of ther workout videos which are fantastic.

:) Hugs

05-17-04, 12:53 PM
I appreciate the support bunny and i still have a long road ahead of me between getting approved my doc to being approved by insurance could be anywhere from a few months to a year before i am even gonna be able to get in and get it done....lots of blood tests and psych evals and they are very through in the procedures just to get the surgury. i will keep everyone posted and will check that site out too

05-18-04, 05:06 PM
My wife went to CORI Centers in Michigan.
She is actually pictured on their front page.

There have been some minor issues, but she is much healthier then she was.

05-18-04, 05:50 PM
Joyce I wish you the best. Get as much info as possible about the surgery as you can. A lot of it depends on how they do the surgery and how healthy you are or are not. Those add to the surgery risk factors.

We had a couple of them done in our hospital. I am not trying to scare you, but one person did die. The surgery can be done 2 different ways. Like you said you were going to do get a Dr. you can trust. Ask lots of questions too.
Best of luck to you!

05-18-04, 06:32 PM
steve which one is she? i am at the first page now. let me know i would love to see her

05-18-04, 09:16 PM
Sorry, I need to skip that.
They have her full name and pictures on the site, so I will not point her out for standard privacy reasons, but I will say that she is the prettiest one on the site. lol
They also had her do a TV commercial and print ads for that office.
Then the Hospital (Harper in Detroit) had her do a Commercial and a billboard for them.
That was all pretty exiting for her.

05-18-04, 09:20 PM
I will warn you, most of my current marrital issues came up as a result of the surgery. (and of course there was my ADD too)

My wife questioned a lot of her life dicisions and such that may have been based on her weight. I was one of them. :(

I'll just say that she has many more opportunities then she used to have, whether it is friends, jobs, etc.

05-19-04, 08:20 AM
oh steve i am sorry....didnt mean to hit on a bad topic

05-19-04, 08:22 AM
BTW Cori has me assigned to the Harper Hospital and Dr Hendricks. I am hoping things will go well and it will improve everything in my life. i have heard of people totally changing after the weight loss but i have also heard that it depends on what they strive for or dream of...if they were thin.

05-19-04, 11:07 AM
Good luck Joyce we are behind you. Keep us posted!

05-19-04, 11:10 AM
Thanks Jim it is much appreciated.. i will definately keep everyone posted on what is going on...either i will be accepted right away or they will have to have me do some crap with my primary care physician first.....example:meds, new diets,ect...

but i will keep posted

05-19-04, 07:18 PM

I will PM you my wifes email if you want to ask her any questions about her experience.

Also, good luck.

05-19-04, 08:00 PM

I just wanted to say that I work at a health food store and I have at least 100 customers that have had the surgery. I have heard many wonderful success stories, and seen many people from the very beginning of the surgery to 3 years later, it is absolutely amazing!

Good luck to you and God Bless!


05-20-04, 07:25 AM
that is so awesome britawn.....i am hoping to be one of those success stories myself. But i dont think that it will be for awhile. It is a drastic choice and i am seeing a new family doctor so i will at least see what she says and give things a try. I have never tried prescription meds for weight loss before and so she might suggest that first and formost. Thanks for the vote of confidence from everyone and the luck....i think i might need it.

05-21-04, 07:40 AM
Good Luck, Kat!

06-05-04, 07:28 AM
Well just a update on things here.....i am not gonna be able to have the surgury for a minimum of 6 mos as my insurance is a stickler about needing documentation for this and i am trying to diet AGAIN....i have cut all but 1-2 sodas completely out of my diet and drink coffee instead in the morning and then it is water water water....according to scales last week i have lost 3 lbs. whoo hoo
it isnt a big accomplishment but it is something....that is 3 lbs i wont have to worry about later. Hopefully i can get more off on my own, but nobody says it is gonna stay off.
thanks for all the votes of confidence

06-15-04, 07:16 PM
Dont know if this is an active topic anymore but I had Weight loss surgery 3 years ago. I was 400lbs and I have maintained 230 for the last 2 years. It was AWSOMe. Im waiting till this January to get the skin removal on my stomach. I can keep up with my son now. It wasnt always easy - you have to put in alot of work still and there is pain - the first 2 months were the worse but nothing compaired to not living your life. Good luck hun

06-15-04, 07:18 PM
oh by the way - I got approved in 6 months but depending on insurance I have heard of it taking over a year so dont get discouraged!!!!

06-16-04, 07:55 AM
granted it is a little discouraging but right now i have so many other things on my mind that i can wait for the surgury. Besides i have to wait to see my PCP on the 23rd anyhow.....for her to fill out some paperwork. Then maybe it will be put through quicker. Anyhow i am glad that you are getting the excess skin removed i know it makes a difference....i am hoping to have that done after the weight loss myself. anyhow good luck and god bless

08-08-04, 01:29 PM
Hey all i know it has been awhile since you have seen me on here but i have been busy...i got married in May and had a car accident in June and my mom went into hospital again in July and now doc is thinking possible bone cancer....and with everything going on i can not do anything with the surgury because my doctor wont fudge the paperwork. So i have been trying to diet and not doing well BUT in the last 2 months i have lost 10 lbs. Anyhow just wanted to do a update on the weight issue. I am doing what i can. And the doc also is contemplating putting me on blood pressure meds cause the bottom number is a little high. i dont know will have to see what happens i guess....hugs and luv to all of you and hope to hear from you soon.

08-08-04, 01:54 PM
Hi Joyce,

So glad to see you post again. Congrats on your marriage (and the 10 pound weight loss), I'm sorry to hear about your car accident and my prayers go out to you and your family for your mother.

Hang in there, and take one day at a time.

08-08-04, 10:01 PM
Hang in there Kat..........congrats on the weight loss.......

Things will get better.........

Shrek ;)

08-09-04, 07:56 AM
Thanks andrew...and shrek. The well wishing is appreciated. A friend of mine is suppose to post our needs on a website with my address and such for donations as the hospital bills are getting out of control for my dad. As well as we are trying to help a friend of mine in her time of need...he husband recently lost work, ect... but we are keeping our chin up and i know things will get better.
HE will not give us more that HE knows we can handle....and i truly believe that.

HUGS and LUV to all of you
Joyce aka Kat

04-10-05, 11:10 AM
I noticed that this is an old topic, but from talking to you a few weeks ago, I found that you had not yet gone through the surgery. I wanted to tell you about a book that I just purchased a few weeks ago. I honestly think that it would be a really good idea for you to purchase this book, read it, highlight things that you can relate to, or things that pertain to you and your situation, and then consider revisiting the idea of weight loss surgery.

As you know, I to am obese. I am morbidly and grotuesquely obese. And I to have considered the weight loss surgery. One thing that I have decided though is this.
Not one doctor, surgeon or medical professional made me eat and made me fat. I did that, and I need to be the one who changes it.
At no point did I ever depend on medical scientific stragities to get me where I am tipping the scales far above what you are. I got this way because I ate to much, was lazy for a long time, and covered my feelings with food. How can I expect for medical science to save me now.

This is something that I DID TO MYSELF. And being able to FINALLY admit that is a really hard thing for me to do. I know that if I were to have this surgery, things would go terribly wrong. Not necessarily "medically affecting my life" , but I would eventually put the weight back on and then some, because I had not dealt with the true reason why I am fat.

So I went shopping for clothes, got depressed because of course they don't make anything big enough to fit me. And wondered into Barnes and Noble (they have starbucks cheesecake)!! After a double shot Latte` and a big slice of cheesecake, I was even more depressed. And so I wandered through the book store just browsing, not actually looking for anything in particular.

Then I came across this book: Losing Your Pounds of Pain: Breaking the Link Between Abuse, Stress, and Overeating. Written by: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. She is also the author of Bestseller's "The Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome" and the co-author of "Eating in the Light".

I found myself in her pages. And I found my will power to change what I have done to myself. It will not happen overnight, and it can be difficult because the heavier that we are, the harder it is to actually "Tell" that we are losing weight. But I have decided that this is no longer about being skinny and cute, and pretty, and having people look at me with admiration instead of disgust.

This has become about ME and my HEALTH. This has become about my desire to be healthy and be able to have children, and a life that is actually worth living. This is about getting rid of old demons that haunt me. And most importantly this is about me having the ability to look at myself with PRIDE, instead of measuring myself to others.

I want you to really consider getting this book. I paid $13.95 for it, but that was at Barnes and Noble you can probably find it cheeper. It is not very long, and is paperback. I can give you the authors website, but I am not sure if I am allowed to post it here in the forum, as it is not a part of the addforums. If you want the website though, feel free to e-mail me and I will send it to you.

The decision is yours my dear. I just hope that things work out for you for the best.


04-12-05, 09:18 AM
Well i am gonna do a update now....i have not posted in quite awhile and here is what has been going all know that in june/july of last year i had a car accident and then i think it was august my mom was diagnosed with inoperable cancer....they gave her 6mo to a year....well she passed away at 9pm on sunday sept 26th. Well in the early part of november my dad decided he was too lonely and so got on the internet(yahoo personals) and he found a lady in wisconsin they chatted for a few days then he decided to drive for 8 hours to meet her. they have been together ever since....i dont like it and i dont like her but hey things change and **** happens. Well before Thanksgiving they came down and my dad showed me the 3 caret diamond he bought here( now keep in mind they only met in person 2 weeks prior to this) i was shocked to say the least i dont think it was a full 2 months after my mom....his wife of 48 yrs passed away at home. Well they are planning on getting married sometime this spring or at least that is what i heard last. Anyhow he has sold his house and bought her a 4 br house IN TOWN. now keep in mind my dad has never lived IN TOWN a day in his life or on less than 5 acres.....this house is on a lot. Anyhow i went out to my moms gravesite once since they put the headstone on it and i honestly felt like i was having a anxiety about a reality check....the physical reminder was like a knife being jabbed into my chest....i cant go back when my husband and i got our tax refund this year we moved. To North Carolina...we have been here almost 2 mos and things are ok....i that we are closer to his family and i basically know nobody he is trying to tell me that we have problems that i never knew about. i am hoping it is a faze he is going through ...... the whole i love you but i am not IN love with you anymore........well duh we have been together almost 4 yrs and have kids the spark kinda goes away after the 'honeymoon' period is over. Anyhow this is a weight issue board so here goes on the update on my surgery.......i have my nutrition assessment scheduled for april 25th, i have my surgical consultation scheduled for april 28th and i get to do a psych assessment on May 6th....hopefully i will be able to get things moving really soon. Am one step closer to being a healthier trimmer person. Anyhow feel free to drop me a line or pm in the room almost regularly...sorry this is such a long post but i know some of you dont go into the room and so dont know what i have gone through this last year. Talk to you all later
Hugs and Prayers

10-08-05, 01:39 PM
I appreciate the support bunny and i still have a long road ahead of me between getting approved my doc to being approved by insurance could be anywhere from a few months to a year before i am even gonna be able to get in and get it done....lots of blood tests and psych evals and they are very through in the procedures just to get the surgury. i will keep everyone posted and will check that site out too
Hi Kat~
I too am considering surgery... I have already been turned down for consult by
my insurance company, but I expected it because I was warned by a friend that
PacifiCare doesn't cover the surgery. My husband will be changing ins. companies at open enrollment so that I can try the other company offered, which my friend uses and had no problems.

I have also become aware of a company that does WLS and "tune-ups" in Brazil. The cost looked very reasonable... (

10-12-05, 06:48 PM
Read about my journey here :)

PM me if you have any questions about the surgery and/or CORI if you'd like.
Good luck!

10-14-05, 09:38 AM
WOW, I read your whole journey,you look great!!!I wrote you a pm as well Beth to ask you a few questions as I am also in the process for the gastric bypass throught the CORI centers in Detroit!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!