View Full Version : Dr. Hallowell and 37mg Effexor/day

09-27-09, 01:27 AM
Has anyone tried this with any success??? Doc and I are looking at this with an eye towards cutting brain fog on drug holidays. I am on Vyvanse 50mg. Usually taking 40 mg divided dose.
that is 37mg IR Effexor, cut in half. one half in am and other half in pm.

Thanks, Ken

10-23-09, 02:11 AM
I have a biased view. I think effexor is the worst drug on the market and should be banned. Can you try something a little less potent like Luvox?

10-23-09, 02:37 AM
i took effexor for several years (with concerta). I found it was about a month before I got over the terrible side effects (restless, fatigued, nausea, headaches) but it worked SO WELL after that. I stopped when I no longer felt I needed an anti-depressent (titrated down) and was a little moody for a couple days but totally fine after that.

10-23-09, 10:52 AM
Hallowell is your doc? Or do you mean you're following his advice?

10-23-09, 11:44 AM
pretty sure he's following the plan that is noted in his book. Just my guess though. Are there any people who have good results with effexor , I hear that after the side effects it can really be helpful for those with stubborn adhd or in a place which is causing them stress daily and that it can really help your meds work better and eliminate adhd symptoms, isn't cymbalta similar ?

10-29-09, 08:14 PM
I had an excellent reponse to effexor for depression. It is by far the most side effect free depression med i've ever tried.

It has some nasty discontinuation side effects. Titrating down slowly does minimize these effects. I've also seen people say switching to a SSRI with a long halflife may work as well.

I dont think effexor should be used as a first line med, but it is a good medication.

It mildly effects NE at lower dosages, but flips ~225mg/day to increase NE drasticly.


10-29-09, 08:30 PM
i'm with bobC. the discontinuation of Effexor wasn't the best, but my major depression was very much helped by the med.

11-02-09, 12:54 PM

didn't we speak about cymbalta and it being relatively similar to that of effexor but smoother in it's release of ne and s blockade and that is more of a smoother medication yet similar to effexor?

11-06-09, 09:44 PM
cymbalta has a more linear increase in effect as the dosage increases. Effexor is rather strange how at low dosages it does one thing and at a higher dosage does another. Which is one of the reasons discontinuation of effexor is a problem.

I found cymbalta a bit sedating. For me effexor is similar to celexa/lexapro at lower dosages, but with a mild NE boost. Sort of like a cleaner version of zoloft.


11-08-09, 01:28 PM
i use wellbutrin for that reason. it helps when i take adderall breaks and augments the adderall itself. effexor is a horrible drug. wellbutrin might be much safer an option.

11-10-09, 03:34 PM

and or others. I am currently taking wellbutrin with my stimulant medications and it does help. I am taking 150xl right now, I was at 300xl but I'd forget what I was doing when shifting from one task to another. Strange because otherwise my attention wasn't bad. BobC, you mentioned cymbalta to be a bit sedating and I have to agree with you. I wonder how long you took it to discover this or make this analysis... If that is the case and serotonin is something that I may need for generalized anxiety at a low level and I'm having issues shifting and branching onto new thoughts and thought patterns which are slowing my success... Would lexapro be less sedating ? Maybe prozac? I have yet to try cymbalta again but I was on it for a month and although it helped at times , many other times it was just a bit too sedating for me for success..

11-22-09, 02:12 AM
I have found effexor to be somewhat sedating for a couple hours after the morning dose. Not too bad but noticeable. It kills morning brain fog, and leaves no sign of the evening vyvanse burn off except for some yawning. It caused some sex issues for the first 3 weeks. They are showing some signs of resolving. Some urinary retention/hesitancy issues remain. Oddly, the painful urinary urgency issues caused by the Straterra have cleared up, 3 days after the effexor was started(VERY) good news.
Things working well enough I have gone to 37.5 BID. 37.5 IR a day total was showing signs of helping, but not quite enough. But it is worth it.
I can be as late as 6 hours on a dose and have noticed no signs of being punished for it. Haven't forgotten entirely thanks to my PDA and repeating alarms.
Anyway, so far so good. I am glad I have started it. No memory issues yet. If lower end issues don't completely clear up, Doc seems to think that I might have better luck with Pristiq.
Anyway, right now it is 37.5mg IR effexor generic BID and 40 - 50 mg Vyvanse as desired(split in half for morning/evening) and usually no Vyvanse on the weekends. I skip lot of vyv evenings also.
Enjoy, Ken