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09-27-09, 02:34 AM
=P SEE!!! I remembered to read the rules! =) Here's my poetry corner.

I wrote all this when I was really young, by the way. I rarely write anymore.

09-27-09, 02:34 AM
I wish
By Judia

There are times I wish you could see me,
To peel back the layers of lies you've created.
There are times I wish you could hold me,
To return what I have given.
There are times I wish you could cherish me,
To think as I think of you.
There are times I wish you could nurture me,
To treat me as one of you.
There are times I wish you could love me,
But I know that you think I'm too different.

09-27-09, 02:35 AM
A Different Drum
by Judia

You dance to the music everyone plays,
Following the flow like puppets on a string.
My feet don't dance with yours,
They move in different ways.
"Why?" You ask,
I look at you—dressed so like everybody else,
I say,
"They only dance to the music my heart plays."

09-27-09, 02:36 AM
Dance With Me
By Judia

Come with me, stranger,
Dance with me,
Accept your wings and lets fly free,
Learn the secrets of your humanity,
Discover all the wondeful things.

Dance with me,
Gather your courage to just be,
Forget all those petty things.

The Hate.
The Pain.
The Negativity.

Put away such childish things.
Come and Dance With Me.

09-27-09, 02:37 AM
By Judia

Standing silently before hell's gate,
Shatterd gems lay in wait.
Weary to the core,
Hollow words deny their state.
Hell bent on going down a dead end path,
Spiraling towards a ice cold fate,
Down they travel in their haste,
Disappearing within Death's gate.

09-27-09, 02:38 AM
By Judia

Embrace me with your anger,
I shall melt it all away.
Kiss me with your pain,
I shall take it as my own.
Touch me with your sadness,
I shall make you smile.
Taste me with your weariness,
I shall give you my strength.
Come into my arms,
Allow me to love you my own way.

09-27-09, 02:38 AM
Rising To A Fury
By Judia

The passion, like flames, rages in me like a storm,
A turbulence of fury throughout this fragile form.
It flows with my blood, breathing each time I breathe,
I can feel it merging, even now, with me.
As it grips me in a heated embrace, and it takes me even higher,
I can feel it becoming overwhelming,
The emotions growing ever tighter.
I can feel it within me, consuming me completely.
A heart's simple passion, rising to a fury.

09-27-09, 02:53 AM
Monster In The Dark
By Judia

He stares at me,
cold eyes glaring at me.
He hurts me,
A monster in the dark.

Nobody holds me,
I'm all on my own.
Nobody cares for me,
It simply shows.

He never stops hurting me,
Can't he see that he does?

Where are you?
Mommy, Hold me.
Why did you LEAVE ME?

One Stab.
It starts.

Two Stabs.
Oh Gods.

He is my nightmare,
Satan's work of art.

Watch him.
He's sneaky.

Please don't leave me.