View Full Version : how to deal with the doctors?? help please

09-30-09, 09:06 AM
hi everyone, just a quick question, when i go to the doctors to discuss my son's possible ADD, is it better to go on my own, or take my son too? what i don't want to happen is make my son feel worse by having him sit there with me while i reel off all this 'bad' stuff he does. :(

also, i'm concerned my doctor will just try to placate me, and say it's just 'normal' behaviour, and i'll get nowhere.

what advice can anyone give me on dealing with the doctors please?

me and my husband know something is not right with our son, and all through his primary school we asked for teachers to help us investigate, and they just said he's ok, bit slow, and inattentive, but nothing to worry about, which was so frustrating.

he is now 4 weeks into secondary school, and forgetting things, not grasping lessons, losing stuff, the list goes on.

Lady Lark
09-30-09, 11:16 AM
How old is he? If he's old enough that you an talk/reason with him, ask him if he'd like to be there or not. If he will be there, you can also explain that you're not telling the doc how bad he is, but where he's having a hard time/struggling. You can also ask the doctor if they have a preference about the child being there, or not.

09-30-09, 11:28 AM
My kids' doc separated the appointment into time for parent discussion followed by having the child and parent together. That way we could talk frankly and then the doc could observe and talk to the child.

If it would help you, list all of the things that concern you about your son so that you do not forget them when talking to the doc. It is common for people to forget things when discussing with any doc. The doc will likely give you forms for you and your spouse to fill out and for the teachers to fill out. These are often used as part of an initial assessment as well as for follow up.

09-30-09, 12:03 PM
hi, thanks for the replies. my son is 11yrs old, so he is able to understand when i do talk to him about his condition.

i will do a list, and then make sure i get everything done that i wanted to discuss.

thankyou again, i'll let you know how we get on.