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09-30-09, 07:55 PM
Just wondering who else has this. I think I procrastinate as much as the average person, but I have really low self-esteem, and this translates socially. I have a belief that I'm just an *******. But I don't avoid college-type stuff.

Does anyone have this?

09-30-09, 09:13 PM
well here's some more info:

is a personality disorder ( recognized in the DSM ( ers) handbook, characterized by a pervasive ( pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and avoidance of social interaction.

People with AvPD often consider themselves to be socially inept ( or personally unappealing, and avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected or disliked.

Avoids occupational activities that involve significant interpersonal contact, because of fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection
Is unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked
Shows restraint initiating intimate relationships because of the fear of being ashamed, ridiculed, or rejected due to severe low self-worth
Is preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations
Is inhibited in new interpersonal situations because of feelings of inadequacy
Views self as socially inept, personally unappealing, or inferior to others
Is unusually reluctant to take personal risks or to engage in any new activities because they may prove embarrassing

But I can give a speech without a problem. I can choose to socialize, but I'm sure no one really likes me, even though they may appear to. I can bull**** first acquaintances. I'm not afraid of new experiences that aren't social.

I'm trying to figure out why don't have certain symptoms.

Song of Mercy
10-05-09, 05:48 AM
Wow, I have no idea what brought me here...I think I may have joke. I have all of the symptoms indicated above. OK, so, probably when I wake up for real in a couple of hours I will read this and will be like...nawwwwww....


10-05-09, 08:32 PM
I too have all symptoms above... but being "anxious" regarding "social situations" and feeling "inadequate and most times" doesn't seem completely qualifying to call myself under a new classification with an "avoidant personality"

I just have my problems and issues; I don't think they all have to need names ;)

10-05-09, 09:05 PM
well the name tells you more. It tells you (if you have it) that you have something on the personality level, or something chemically wrong or whatever.

yeah its silly to "diagnose" somebody with a list, but its the only objective way.

04-05-10, 03:50 AM
avoidant and AD(H)D share symptoms, the part that is important is how much it impairs you. your ad(h)d is probably what is causing the procrastination and stuff as it sounds like you have no problem being sociable.

04-06-10, 05:16 PM
Just because you can identify with the DSM criteria, doesn't mean you have a full blown personality disorder. AVPD (along with Social Anxiety) was my first port of call when trying to figure out what my problem was. I've spent most of my recent years in a dark room with the curtains drawn, not answering the phone and going out of my way to avoid any social interaction.

But guess what, I don't believe I have "AVPD". I've just been really bad at coping with undiagnosed ADD. Just like I'm very obsessive, but I don't have full blown OCD, I'm very avoidant, but I don't have AVPD.

I'm staying away from wastebasket labels and dealing only with the root problem. ADD.

05-09-10, 02:47 PM
Labels and schmabels and all that, I agree totally with getting to the roots of anything - which is why it's my belief that CBT* (whilst it may work for some) is an extremely cumbersome way around most personality or neuropsychological issues.

I've been wondering whether AvPD (as it's known in the trade ;) ) has similar roots to ADD, or if they have common roots. This is the problem I suppose with any 'disorder' that's currently defined on a behavioural level rather than a neurobiological one...

Just a thought.

* - I like to frame it thusly:
A patient is bleeding profusely.
Nurse: This man is bleeding profusely!
Surgeon: Yes, let's do anything to make it appear as if he is no longer bleeding!
Nurse: What you mean like ascertain the exact cause of the bleed and stop it.
Surgeon: No. Do we have any plasters, make up... polyfilla...?

It'll stop the bleed, that much is certain...

05-09-10, 03:54 PM
Avoding people socially doesn't mean you hyae a personality disorder. All it means is that social occaision do not reward you enough.

That's part of ADHD. No need for an extra disorder.

05-10-10, 01:36 PM
Avoding people socially doesn't mean you have a personality disorder. All it means is that social occasion do not reward you enough.

That's part of ADHD. No need for an extra disorder.

Well I suppose when you mix in fear/panic/anxiety it becomes a slightly different beast, then it's not just about not being rewarding. I totally understand what you mean though and I have 'rationalised' that pretty much no social occasion has ever provided more enjoyment than 'suffering' so they are, on the whole, worth avoiding.

The other problem is when avoidant 'strategies' leak into non-social areas, such as all the many projects awaiting commencement/finishment, ...but... as you say this can also be a part of ADHD.

Problem with psychic pain is the difficulty in communicating it to anyone, particularly a therapist, which is why a lot of therapy has descended into behaviourism. I'm guessing. Words, literally, fail me.

05-10-10, 02:55 PM
I thought it was more social anxiety or is it an extreme form of social anxiety?

I know mine comes about from my ADHD and dyspraxia because when you are constantly stumbling about, people can laugh at you and you feel like you are being judged all the time (me anyway).

And I lived in Spain for my formative years, Spanish people can be quite rude. They stare a lot and I'm physically different from most Spanish people so everytime I go out of my house, I can expect to be stared at. So sometimes it was easier to just stay inside which I did for many years.
I'm not living in Spain anymore but I can't just remove my years of learned behaviour.

My ADHD also makes me blurt out stuff, so I get nervous around people because I worry I might blurt out stuff. I often go into hyperactive chatterbox mode which I know can be a bit intense but I can't control so I worry about that. I drift off in conversations and most people don't automatically think oh she must have problems paying attention but rather what's up with this woman? Why doesn't she pay attention?

I don't like eating in public because I will most likely spill things, have jumping food, drop cutlery etc and then I feel like people judge me which they do. I trip over invisible bumps in the road. I drop things and if I'm carrying more than 2 things, oh dear. I fluster easily and I never seem to know what on earth is going on.
I can blag it like you mentioned with new acquaintances but deeper relationships are more difficult for me as my weird behaviors come out which is probably why I've only had one long term relationship and that was long distance.

I resist going out but when I do go out I have fun, but it takes a lot of energy for me which is why I probably resisted doing it in the first place.

I much prefer house parties and events like that, because I can flit from person to person and not have them know more about me and misunderstand and reject me.
So for me it's not surprising I have social anxiety.